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October 13, 2004
They hate America
Filed in: Current Affairs

Why would a leftist liberal in America who ostensibly champions the rights of workers, the rights of women, ideational tolerance, and pluralism support a fascist regime that features religious fundamentalism, oppression of the workforce, denigration of women, and totalitarian control of everyone's lives?

It's because and only because they hate America more. Take your little red pill and think about it - they hate what America stands for, they hate freedom, capitalism and the resultant policies that champion those things - because these things don't fit into their failed Marxist utopic vision.

It may be tough to conclude but this is the truth: they are sentries for the terrorists and they look like the rest of us but they are the enemy.

Pulled by Emcee on October 13, 2004 at 03:32 AM
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October 04, 2004
The mother of all stories
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, UN Oil For Food - Oil For Fraud

What is the single, most significant story languishing in MSM ommission land?

Kofi Annan and the UN have the blood of Americans and Iraqis on their hands.

Why did the UN oppose the war in Iraq? Because they were being enriched by their relationship with Iraq - they were complicit in the fraudulent diversion of funds that were intended to feed starving children.

Why did France and Germany oppose the war in Iraq? Because they were being enriched by their relationship with Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

This callous contempt for human life and the resultant worldwide policy impact is worthy of a modern Woodward and Bernstein. Where are you?

This is an issue that 'everyone knows' in some way. It has been well researched and documented. Is it just that since an 'investigation' is underway that we all have collectively taken a break from focusing on this?

The UN has the master list of the financial transactions that personally enriched Saddam Hussein by around $10 billion, companies and terrorists by untold millions and the UN and likely some of its personnel that were responsible for properly administering the program. The UN also has a number of 'secret' documents that shed light on this despicable situation.

It wouldn't be unreasonable to send the National Guard in to surround the UN headquarters in NY and demand on the basis of the country that toppled the regime and a sovereign Iraq to turn over its information immediately.

If the public at large became aware of what has happened- they would demand it.

UPDATE: There's good documentation for this atrocity at Defend Democracy, (thank God for Claudia Rosett), the Hudson Institute (more Rosett), also William Safire (at Defend Democracy as well), even more Rosett (What a Champion!) at Opinion Journal, Forward news magazine (Marc Perelman), Rosett on the Terror linkage at NRO, and (though a bit dated) some really good articles linked at the Kurdistan Regional Government site. Go read these links - it will make your blood boil.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt renews the call on this.

UPDATE: Finally - a hard hitting expose from FOX news this weekend (Sunday, October 17th) on their Breaking Point news show. They even call it Blood Money! Thank you FOX! This story is really getting legs.

Pulled by Emcee on October 4, 2004 at 11:29 PM
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October Tokyo rain
Filed in: Current Affairs, Japan

It's been raining in Tokyo since I got here Saturday.

You might know that this society is extremely gadget focused. They've got the best cell phones in the world, the best train system, a computer keyboard that looks like the Rosetta stone, and most of the toilet seats play electronically.

This is also a very compact society. I have to stoop down to stand in the shower in my hotel room - and I can reach the coat hanger from the toilet seat in the bathroom (don't ask me how I know this :) ). Some of the cars look like you could pick them up like a briefcase and haul them off. For the most part, the people are compact as well. This is a place where people under five feet are commonplace and under four feet is not terribly rare.

Yet, one item has escaped the national attention on gadgets and compactness: umbrellas. It's amazing - but there are hardly any compact push-button umbrellas in Japan. Sure they are around - but rare. I have one - it fits easily inside my travel bag - or my laptop bag for that matter. No such thing in general though here. It tickles me to walk along in the normal sea of people in the market here and I have the smallest umbrella in the crowd - everyone else's look like our most expansive golf umbrellas - and they are being hoisted around by people that look like they would fly away at the slightest gust of wind.

I'm not sure why it is this way. It's just Japan I guess. Goes along with the police, fire, and ambulance drivers during an emergency blaring their apologies for their disturbance of the general traffic and pedestrians as they continue to apologize their way down the street.

So, for this week, this Americanjin will be one of the largest people, carrying one of the smallest umbrellas around Kichijoji.

Pulled by Emcee on October 4, 2004 at 12:02 AM
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October 03, 2004
Edo-Tokyo Museum
Filed in: Current Affairs, Japan

Took a brief tour of the Edo-Tokyo Museum this afternoon.

Went through the the special exhibition first - a selection of items from the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. What incredible things are displayed there! There were fine portraits of the Catherine's and the Peter's, as well as progeny, friends, and enemies. There were architectural layouts of many of the palaces there - they are incredibly huge (some measured in hectares instead of acres!). There is a full guilded carriage on display that was used as recently as the early 1900's for a coronation or two.

To my utter astonishment, the display was completed by a collection of European Renaissance art - original masters from some of the most significant artists in Genoa, Venice, other parts of Renaissance Italy, and Scandinavia. These incredible originals were diverse, many featuring striking Madonnas and scenes of the Crucifixion along with scenes of boats on long wharves with pirate-like men smoking enormously long pipes. There were several portraits of Russian nobility, that had been contracted to Renaissance painters. There was an astonishing 'Assumption of Mary Magdelene' that had angels transporting this Mary to heaven - and most of the angels were the heads of babes with only wings attached at their necks - nothing else at all to these little divine ones - it's one of those things you have to see to really appreciate I guess.

I moved on from the special exhibit to the permanent exhibition which is a history of Edo (the predecessor to Tokyo) and Tokyo proper. The Edo exhibit is much like our exhibits of the Native Americans we have in the states - lots of scrolls, kimonos, and relics from the past. I found it interesting but far removed from our present world of course.

Tokyo history was more interesting to me - but I was ill prepared for the WWII portion of the exhibit. I had no inkling of the complete devastation that our B29's afflicted on Tokyo in the Spring of 1945. During repeated raids by B29's launched primarily from aircraft carriers, the entire city of Tokyo was raized to the ground - it had primarily been wooden structures and our bombers were using incendiary bombs - whatever we had prior to napalm. In one raid on May 10, 1945 over 100,000 people in Tokyo were killed.

There is no mention of Pearl Harbor here. There is only a description of the pain and travail that the people of Tokyo suffered near the end of WWII. It is a scene of utter devastation.

There are unexploded bombs, pieces of shot down B-29s, photographs of a flattened Tokyo landscape here. There are also repeating films like you see in many museums but these do not shirk from showing the horror of war. There are images of stacks of bodies, many charred beyond recognition, along with buildings burning and people screaming. There are reels that show B29's dropping bombs by the hundreds that explode with fiery catastrophe below.

I was struck by the American resolve to end this war by a clear demonstration of air superiority. It went on for months and months. I was also struck by the imperious resolve of the Japanese regime in that they did not surrender in the face of this incredible devastation to their infrastructure - their ability to make war - even to live - was destroyed. Still they did not surrender. It took something incalculably more devastating for that to occur. And despite that horror, it seems fitting today that the war was ended without even greater loss of lives - Japanese and American.

The end of the war signaled an end to a certain way of life in Japan. There is grudging admittance here that the adoption of many things Western - including Democracy - fashioned a new, blossoming culture to replace the bloodthirsty regime that, fresh from their Russian conquest, thought they would take on the world.

Japan's progress from WWII forward is nothing but amazing. Everything here in this incredible urban sprawl is less than 60 years old. It's almost incomprehensible. And it was free markets and democratic government instilled by General MacArthur that spawned what is here today.

On the train ride back to Kichijoji from Ryogoku station, I wondered at the Japanese aggression and the hard fought resolve that America brought to defend her freedom yet again with the blood of patriots. I wondered yet again at this fearsome enemy who in the span of a couple of generations has become a thriving ally.

Then I wondered once more at the face of a new enemy - remembering a part of NYC in 2001 that looked much like some of the pictures I had just seen of Tokyo in 1945 - and thanked God for the resolve of our President and our military that will still go to where the enemy is and take them on to preserve the free choices that we so often take for granted.

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October 02, 2004
Ichiro reigns
Filed in: Current Affairs, Sports

I flew from Seattle to Narita (Tokyo) Japan yesterday - just in time for a Japanese national celebration for Ichiro breaking the hits record.

They announced the historic event in the jet on the way over. The English announcement brought polite applause and a few whoops from the approximately 1/3 English speakers on the flight - the subsequent Japanese announcement brought forth what would have been rafter-shaking applause - had there been rafters in the 747.

On arrival in Tokyo, a Japanese stranger walked up to me and asked if we liked Ichiro in America. I assured him that we did. He said "He is true Samurai!" and walked away smiling. This is the first time in my three years of travel to Japan that a complete stranger has initiated contact in this reserved country.

They are showing reruns of his last 10 hits or so with large countdown letters on the television screen - seems like every half hour or so - on the Japanese news and sports channels.

I'll keep you posted on Ichiro events this week in Japan.

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