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November 24, 2004
Domestic (British) Terror: Meanwhile ...
Filed in: Current Affairs, Domestic Terror, Video

On planet earth, I asked in a post yesterday what our MSM and the BBC would do with the incredible announcement from ITV that MI-6 and other British intelligence and security services had foiled a "911" style plot - hijackers planning to take control of multiple aircraft and crash them into Canary Wharf and the Heathrow Airport. That's what they said - they stopped something that might have been as devastating.

On planet earth, there were many stories that reflected on the horror of Ground Zero and the other events of that fateful day and focused on the incredible success that the brave men and women in the British services have achieved.

Wtcplanapproach2_1 Wtcexplosion_1

Wtctrapped_1 Wtcruins_1

SaddamcapturePictures of captured terrorists - past and present were shown on all the mainstream media broadcasts. The BBC wire submitted several stories on some of the personal heroics of the enforcement personnel and interviewed dozens of citizens that expressed their thanks for the avoidance of the nightmare and the fact that they would sleep easier knowing they were being looked after so well.

Terrorcap2_1 A number of government officials were interviewed and anonymously released a few more bits of information about the operation and congratulated their colleagues on a superb job well done.

Meanwhile, since last night, a universal bifurcation occurred and a Philip K. Dick'sian parallel universe was born - if you are reading this blog entry, you are now on the planet Arxeniodysfun (pronounced like the ex-talk show host - but not related in any way - and the first part of the word dysfunctional - related in every way).

In this parallel world that we find ourselves in, the BBC did not post a single news wire story on the incredible events even though they seem to be happy to so report when Iran (yes Vern, that's Iran) is able to avoid terror attacks. Late in the day they posted an oblique story about Prime Minister Blair denying that the government was scaremongering.

In the parallel United States, MSNBC jumped quickly to communicate to the world that the story was actually a British government plot to take further civil liberties from the British people and generally expand its power. Even the Queen is a participant in this plot! MSNBC quoted multiple sources (all Muslim clerics apparently) that found this plot quite controversial.

Don't believe me?

Britishterrorallmadeup_0001 Here's the video (click on the picture to the left: requires Ms Media Player) - just in case you haven't realized that you woke up in a new universe this morning.

It's the only explanation that we can come up with. Otherwise - I mean if we are still on planet earth - we have just seen another example of egregious journalistic fraud on par with the Rathergate scandal. What reputable news organization would take a story of success against terror and, without any evidence of any kind, make it into an accusation of government conspiracy against its population?

Cnnbritishplot_0001_1 There's just no other explanation. See, MSNBC isn't the only one - CNN (click on the picture to the left for video: requires Ms Media Player) put on nearly the same story, except this time it was "some quwahhrters" that knew of the sinister plot by the British government. Those quarters were apparently several mosques in London along with the leftist Democrats (they have them there too). Note that the entire video is captioned with "British Terror Plot?" so we are certain to understand that it is in question. Most of the time in this clip is spent hand-wringing over new security measures that just might catch more terrorists, but they don't fail to quash the story that the British might have actually foiled the bad guys.

Friends In The Bullpen do get some more information behind the success here. Comments to this Captain's Quarters post are interesting. This Australian article perhaps provides some underlying detail on one real suspect (along with token hand-wringing) - wonder how the British arranged that? Think the British were able to obtain any information from these guys?

See my summary of posts on the MSM and domestic terrorism here.

UPDATE: Friend ACE points out that it doesn't much matter what despicable terror evidence there is anywhere the "World Press Yawns."

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November 23, 2004
WA governor's race: Almost can't look
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, WA Governor's Race

It's getting to be hold our breath time again.

As of this evening at Washington state SecState - final recounts are posted for all counties except for three: King, Kitsap, and Whitman.

In most counties, a statistically insignificant number of undervotes have been counted and Dino Rossi's lead has increased by 55 votes.

My turn to make some tables:


Brief analysis: This table suggests that Gregoire has on average (mean) received 0.11% (eleven one-hundredths of one percent) more undervotes relative to her total before the recount. The table also says that the difference in the values from the average (Standard Deviation) is also very small - which means that the error rate for machine reading and human intervention is extremely small.

The table also suggests that Rossi has on average (mean) received 0.07% (seven one-hundredths of one percent) more undervotes relative to his total count before the recount and that the delta between values for all reporting counties is even smaller than the Gregoire statistics.

It's also typical in numerical series to see wider variation in smaller samples - we see it here in Bennet's variance and standard deviation - but the values are still extremely small. These wider variations can also be seen in the smaller reporting counties - they contain the widest statistical variation in general.

What can we draw from this? Gregoire has, statistically, the better of it so far by a very, very small fraction. Rossi's gain (from predominately Republican counties) extends his lead to 316 votes.

Once again, we await the King county slug - which as you have seen from my post history - is where the real political slugfest is. Since it is the largest single sample for both candidates , we should be able to expect that the statistical variance will be overall closer to the rest of the state. But it is so close, so very very close (how close is it? It's so close that we'd need Dan Rather to come up with an appropriate appellation), that the statistics do us little good in really predicting anything.

Perhaps, what we can most glean from this exercise is that those counties with the largest samples (Pierce, Snohomish, and Spokane) that have already reported had identical variance (to two decimal places anyway) between each of the resulting undervote counts which occurred during the recount. We should expect the same to be true of King County - but it certainly isn't assured - and what that variance is impacts the vote difference the most and that could be most anything - up to 0.17% undervote increase for Gregoire without there being any 'mathematical' concern (anything much higher than that would be 'improbable').

If this were a sample of jellyfish population increase off the coast and these were our sample locations between point in time one and point in time two - we'd expect to see something like this:


- which gives the Rossi species a slight edge, but it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to see something like a 0.17% increase in the King County sample for the Gregoire species, and a 0.15% increase in the King County sample for the Rossi species and in that population statistic, the Rossi species would be outnumbered by 14, yep, count 'em 14.

Feeling the excitement yet?

The most concerning issue is that King County's recount is apparently being operated in a different fashion than the other counties - it's almost chads again - can you tell whether that pen mark that's outside of either oval is a vote for one or the other? Does it matter that the King County ballot says: "Fill in the oval completely. If you don't fill in the oval, your vote won't count."? And that in the absentee ballot case, at least, there are pictures of well filled out and not so well filled out ovals (including check marks) that instruct the voter how to fill out an optically scanned ballot and warn that it won't count if votes aren't properly selected.

We can only conclude what we already know and what every voter should be able to expect: it is oh so ever important that electoral sanctity be strictly observed - by everyone involved.

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November 22, 2004
Just a poison manual
Filed in: Current Affairs, Domestic Terror

Powerline offers us insight into the despicable hell in Fallujah where, at least, small stockpiles of chemical weapons were in production.

It's also noteworthy that in the Seattle terror arrests last week, one of the items seized in the raid on a felonious Islamic extremist's home included one or more "manuals on ... how to kill with poisons." No word yet on whether the Seattle denizen was actually cooking anything up.

It's also been reported just today that Britain has foiled a '911' style attack. This is great news which should be celebrated. Will it be?

The MSM is paying little attention to the nasty details in Fallujah - but is also playing down domestic events (what will the BBC and our MSM do with the news from Britain)?

See my series of posts on Seattle terror arrests last week here and tell me how you think we can get more attention on both the evil in our midst and the brave men and women that are taking it out around the world.

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It's close and they are cheating
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, WA Governor's Race

It is reasonable to expect that the electoral process is treated with sanctity. What we are getting, at least in King County Washington, during the gubernatorial recount process - is Democrat partisanship of the worst kind.

What is supposed to be a machine recount is being turned into a manual recount with partisans participating in the process being allowed to 'vote' repeatedly - both for the candidate that they desire to win and against the candidate that they want to lose.

This is happening in the light of day with impunity. Why impunity? Because, when the Republican observers and officials ask for judicial intervention, the partisan judiciary doesn't rely on evidence (the ballots and procedures in question) - it relies on the testimony of the very partisans that are committing the crimes in the first place.

We have already seen a number of questionable events during the original counting process - all of which ocurred in counties where Democrats are in charge of counting operations. Just coincidentally, each time the results favored the Democrat's candidate.

Stalin's maxim proves once again to be true.

See the press release from the Washington State Republican party here. Also, see this detailed tracking post (from Kerry supporter, but proud Dinocrat Josef) here.

UPDATE: New update to my Friends blog roll, Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom links in. Thanks Jeff! The summary of my Washington 2004 gubernatorial race posts is here.

UPDATE: Jen Martinez has a great quote from Ann Coulter on the '04 elections here - but perhaps does not realize that the dishonest and shameful is still going on.

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November 20, 2004
Potential vote fraud alert: When is a blank ballot a problem?
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, WA Governor's Race

A blank voting ballot is a problem when it is stored in an unsealed container within the same secured storage area that the sealed marked ballots are stored in - prior to the conmmencement of a recount.

Such is the case right now in the King County storage area in Washington state where we await a recount beginning November 20 in the too, too close gubernatorial race yet to be decided here.

Chrisvance In a televised public confrontation Friday evening, Chris Vance, Washington Republican chairman, challenged the county elections director to count the blank ballots, seal them and openly move the boxes of open blank ballots into a nearby storage closet or other sealed enclosure so that they can be formally controlled during the recount process. The marked, sealed ballot boxes for King County are stored inside of a chain-link fenced-in area with a gate and a padlock (inside a larger warehouse). Within that enclosed area, on shelving in unsealed boxes are blank ballots for this election.

Blank ballots may be needed during the recount process to replace a ballot damaged by a counting machine. During recount operations such actions are managed by auditors with observers from both parties to insure complete integrity.

The problem with the current situation is that, though access to the caged area is limited to elections staff, most of the elections staff are Democrats and it is possible for someone to enter the caged area alone.

As of the evening of November 19, the King County elections director has refused to secure the blank ballots saying that blank ballots could not be secreted into the sealed marked ballot boxes because they are sealed and only opened in the presence of observers.

He wasn't asked what would keep someone from opening a sealed ballot box, if they had already entered the fenced-in area and filled in a blank ballot for the purpose of fraudulently impacting the recount - or whether blank seals are also stored in this area.

Local news story here.


UPDATE: Reader Josef (A Kerry supporter, proud Dinocrat, and concerned citizen about the sanctity of the election process) points out a further statement by Chris Vance in reference to the blank ballot situation in the AP story here (free registration required) and he later blogs this.

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November 19, 2004
Seattle Terror: What's so upsetting?
Filed in: Current Affairs, Domestic Terror

Throughout the day, I have had several friends, family members and favored 'net denizens ask me a variant of: "Why have you been approaching the point of being *shrill* about this terror issue in Seattle? I mean, hurray, they caught the bad guys! Besides, we're getting good coverage here in the Northwest and I just don't understand why you think that the limited emphasis the old MSM has on this is really meaningful. What's so upsetting?"

Here's my answer:

1. The events in Seattle are an ideological problem for the left and their cover band - the MSM. See, if terror isn't just 'over there' somewhere (i.e. the terrorists must be 'foreign' terrorists in 'foreign' lands), then some of the enforcement enabling in the Patriot Act is important and necessary for us domestically. The MSM decries potential civil liberty issues - even though there haven't been any - of having such legislation in place. These events tell us that we might actually be forced to confront the fact that our neighbors might have chosen to join the enemy.

2. A further ideological problem: For the MSM, Islamic terrorism is the perversion of the Religion of Peace in Arab Muslim countries. We cannot have instances of the Religion of Death in America, because that is a direct affront to the meme of multiculturalism. If we allowed that such practice were taking place within our own culture - there might be some pressure on the Muslim community in America to condemn what Islamic terrorists do anywhere that they do it. Ever heard of a condemnation of the beheadings in Iraq by American Muslim clerics? How would the bastions of moral relativism manage to trade with a 'poor choice of religious practice'? These events in Seattle are colored with this hue.

3. Incredible foresight is evident in the anti-terror task force's takedown of these cells. What they did was at least analogous to what an early discovery and a raid on the inner sanctums of Harris and Klebold would have been. Hindsight is always perfect. What they did at most is incalculable at this time. We can only speculate about the true intent underneath the kinds of conspiracy charges that are the only things that can stick before things blow up. And, instead of lauding the dedication and true heroism of these champions of Homeland Security and the administration's vigilance - on this particular set of events from any public report - we are treated to complete silence.

4. This combination of the reluctance to recognize the possibility of domestic terror, the refusal to face the reality of moral evil, and the outright disdain for those who are fervently working to protect us is a combination that endangers you and me and our families. To paraphrase Hugh Hewitt: "I don't like those ideas because they might kill me."

As in the case of our local news stations, the close proximity to these events have given many of us a clear sense of the evil that is near us - for me, not unlike when I first looked into the crater of Ground Zero in January of 2002.

Let us issue once again the clarion call to continue to vigilantly work toward replacing the failed radical left - MSM world view that has held us in sway for so long with a world view that confronts the real world with the difficult truths we must hold to survive.

In 1972, Francis Schaeffer wrote in the book "How Should We Then Live?":

There is a flow to history and culture. This flow is rooted and has its wellspring in the thoughts of people. People are unique in the inner life of the mind -- what they are in their thought-world determines how they act. This is true of their value systems and it is true of their creativity. It is true of their corporate actions, such as political decisions, and it is true of their personal lives. The results of their thought-world flow through their fingers or from their tongues into the external world. This is true of Michelangelo's chisel, and it is true of a dictator's sword.

I pray that we - we the people - will create - with these tools that provide us with almost instant results from our thought-world through our fingers - a flowing ground swell of vigilance that leads to action (when necessary) that leads to victory - all of which will enable us to leave a legacy of freedom to all who come after us.

Unlike our brave men and women who fight for America's best ideals in Afghanistan and Iraq, for most of us, there is no one to order us into this battle for truth. Let's volunteer.

UPDATE: More terror disruption success in Britain - reported 11/22 by LGF (via Yahoo news). Let's hope this one gets some legs.

UPDATE: Diggers Realm also had a post on this. Command Post as well.

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"No Confidence" in Annan
Filed in: Current Affairs, UN Oil For Food - Oil For Fraud

Responding to my earlier post, FOX news reports this morning, that the UN is going to pass a NO CONFIDENCE vote on Kofi Annan.

Ok, they didn't say it was because of my post.

I wonder who will abstain or vote 'Nay'?

UPDATE: This isn't a vote by the Security Council - it is by the UN staff. And it isn't because of Annan's participation in the subversion of the global war on terror - it is because he committed the unforgivable sin of pardoning a UN official accused of sexual harrassment.

UPDATE: I actually beat LGF to the punch line today.

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Major terror sweep largely ignored by national MSM
Filed in: Current Affairs, Domestic Terror

Though gingerly covered by local news (free registration required) as this story develops - major MSM networks have largely ignored an emerging terror story in Washington state.

As for the national main stream media: Nothing on the FOX news front page, nothing on the MSNBC news front page, nothing on the CNN front page, nothing on ABC news front page, and nothing on the CBS front page as of 4:30 AM Eastern Time, November 19, 2004.

At MSNBC this story can be located from the navigation menu and is listed under the Crime and Punishment heading.

At CNN, this AP story can be found by searching the site. ABC news has the same story which can be found by searching its site.

Though they tell some of the story, the available national MSM links are pretty sanitized.

Of course, CBS has space to link to this story about "Israel Mistake; 3 Egyptians Dead" and "Too Close to Call in Wash. State" about our local gubernatorial recount - there is nothing on the site about the Washington terror sweep.

Though I originally heard this breaking story on FOX news - there is nothing currently about it on their site.

Take a look at the video titled "Several arrested in alleged immigration conspiracy" (Why not "Anti-terror sweep breaks up three terror cells"?) "from local television. Despite the fact that there are a couple of those politically correct gratuitous 'person-on-the-street' interviews that decry potential profiling - it is pretty chilling.

If we lived - I don't know, perhaps on another planet - where the MSM actually cared that Islamic extremists were teaching children to kill Americans using 'urban warfare' - maybe the national talking heads would be telling us about it.

Or such an MSM might think it informative to let America know that an Islamic felon was teaching other Muslims how to shoot firearms - and had in his possession a rifle and three other guns (How did those gun control laws fail?), and terrorist manuals on explosives, snipers, urban combat and how to kill with poisons.

Or, perhaps, that a group of Islamic extremists terrorized a small business owner - because he wouldn't participate in their terror training.

Or, that another group of Islamic extremists were perpetrating an immigration fraud scheme producing fake passports and other documentation to bring other Islamic extremists illegally to the United States.

Just perhaps, the national MSM would think it important to tell about another group of Islamic extremist who entered into a bank fraud scheme and whose leader told an informant wearing a wire that "you can't go to war broke" and that his "whole Muslim crew" was involved.

Alas, we live in this world, where after a long and arduous investigation into multiple cells of Islamic extremists, local enforcement and federal anti-terror agents executed multiple simultaneous raids, and arrested 17 people in a massive anti-terror sweep on Thursday and only some of us in the Pacific Northwest heard much about it.

In the preceding text of this post, instead of following the lead of the media reports we have so far, I've liberally used the terms "Islamic extremist", and "terror" where even our local media won't - unless they must - like when quoting what one of the Islamic extremists says or describing the raids by the anti-terrorism task force.

In my view, using the terms "Islamic extremist" instead of "man" or "men", and "terror" or "terrorized" instead of "disturbing", "assaulted and extorted", "roughing up", or "shoot and kill Americans" is just telling the truth.

UPDATE: Powerline notes that the MSM isn't interested in the true face of our enemy - even in Fallujah.

UPDATE: The AP story referred to above is particularly galling - taking great pains not to mention too many Arab sounding names, it provides this assurance: "In Washington, a federal law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said investigators have established no links to any international terror group, nor have they uncovered any plans for any attack."

Oh yeah, I saw that official too. He was wearing a keffiya.

'Cause, you know, it isn't terror if it isn't international terror. You might get dead - but it will just be a crime.

Like if you had guns and books and videos about big game hunting, we should be assured that you certainly have no plan to actually go hunting. Or if you and your friends spent hours and hours watching videos about still life painting, and were so excited about it that you even forced the children in your neighborhood and your business neighbors to watch them as well - examining every technique, brush size, and stroke pattern - we can be assured that you have no interest whatsoever in still life painting and are no threat to actually pick up a brush and start slinging the ochre.

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November 18, 2004
Seattle Terror Arrests
Filed in: Current Affairs, Domestic Terror

Just heard on FOX news - FBI (and perhaps local law enforcement) have made several 'terror related' arrests in south Seattle. This included a raid on a business and the seizure of records, computers and computer files.


UPDATE: Warrant authorized looking for 'urban warfare training manuals' and 'identity theft'...

UPDATE: (12:14 PM) Here comes the spin. Not 'terror related' - "it's just a traditional crime ring: Some African American Muslim converts training children in urban warfare." Uh, please excuse me, but I don't see anything traditional about that. Dear MSM, do you mean 'traditional' as in something like this?

Subsequent NOTE: I believe that I heard the 'traditional crime ring' statement on a FOX News breaking news report - I'll have to wait for a transcript unless somebody has a TiVo or videotape recording of FOX News between 10:30 and 11:30 AM Pacific time - November 18. If you do, please contact me.

UPDATE: Excerpted from the expanded KOMO news link above: The charges against Souleymane Camara, Muhamed Njolo Tunkara, Bubacarr Tunkara, Muhammad Fofana, Mohamed Jawara, Abdullah Assalaam, Attawwaab Muhammad Fard, Ali Muhammad Brown, Ahmad As-Sidiq, Zaid Mumin, and Herbert Chandler Sanford (Sanford not yet in custody) range from conspiracy to commit immigration fraud, and bank fraud to weapons charges. An informant wearing a wire recorded Assalaam saying, "You can't go to war broke." and his "whole Muslim crew" was involved.

A list of names like this just sounds like your 'traditional crime ring' doesn't it? Reads kind of like the list of hijackers on 9/11. Of course, can't charge them with terrorism if they haven't actually performed the acts yet so it's typical to get them on what we can.

Thankfully, there are crack Homeland Security agents at work.

MSM spin at work as well.

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Ready to start it all again?
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, WA Governor's Race

Benton and Gray's Harbor counties did show up Wednesday evening - leaving Republican governor candidate Dino Rossi 261 votes ahead at full county certification to SecState Washington. This is significantly less than any of the folks that have been tracking trends for the last week or so using spreadsheets. The spreadsheets had a difficult time projecting newly discovered votes, mid-stream recounts, Dem voter canvassing (after the election) and court rulings.

Now the recount begins. There are no Republicans dancing in the streets here - just many hopeful ones. Most of us remember a very close election in 2000 for a Senate seat between dot com millionaire Democrat Maria Cantwell and veteran incumbent Republican Slade Gorton.

The certified count to SecState had Cantwell ahead by 1,953 votes (1,199,260 to 1,197,307). The certified recount awarded her the Senate seat with  margin of 2,229 votes - a gain of 276 votes (final count 1,199,437 to 1,199,208). The recount added 177 votes to the Cantwell total and subtracted 99 votes from the Gorton total. This is troubling to us simply because 276 is 15 more than 261.

Why is it that Democrats always add to their total in a recount and Republicans always end up with less votes than they started with (at least in Washington)? Oh, do you doubt that?

It's less remembered but nonetheless true that Slade Gorton won a recount race in 1968 - for State Attorney General. That recount lost Gorton 399 votes and increased Democrat John McCutcheon's vote count by 205 votes. But this 604 vote swing was unable to overtake Gorton's 5,972 vote lead prior to the recount.

Interestingly, the other most prominent recount was the Secretary of State election for 2000 featuring our current SecState Republican Sam Reed. In that recount Reed lost 172 votes and Don Bonker gained 95 for a net loss of 267 votes for Reed. This was insufficient to overcome the original 10,299 lead for Reed. (Side note: Even in liberal Washington we have had Republican SecStates since 1964 - somebody has to get the work done.)

Rossi's lead is so slim that it can bear little encroachment. We remain vigilant. My heart certainly goes out to both Dino and Christine. Their personal agony continues and is much worse than it is for any of us watching.

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Conservative goddess - does heavy lifting

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Beth has a terrific blog AND she's my favorite Bama fan. (Which for an AU guy is like we've overcome class warfare, you know?)

Nerf Coated World
Friend Matt's wisdom tech and politech

Ninme, tenme, elevenme, just don't two-time me

Pillage Idiot
Replacing the creator of worlds - do you miss Allah? Go see Attila.

Pixie Lair
I'm a Pixie. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. (It's Shell - Look what God made!) - Found her again!

The triumvirate. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Protein Wisdom
Jeff's menagerie of extreme thoughts, well said.

Scribal Terror
Gail can write! And make you do your English homework!

Sissy Willis
'Wiley' Willis cats and thoughts.

Sondra K
Like Special K - only better

Sound Politics
Shark and friends dig out the unsound

Tapscott's Copy Desk
Mark Tapscott, Director of The Heritage Foundation's Center for Media and Public Policy. Solid good read all the time. Moved to Examiner now...

The incomparable Ace of Spades HQ
The truth in spades!

The Jawa Report
Dr. Rusty and pals. Find original fisking and research here.

The Mighty Beldar
Crusty trial lawyer, bemused observer of politics & internet dilettante from Houston, Texas

the pragmatic chef™
Scott is a connoisseur of food and life! He really knows what seared means...

The Radio Equalizer -Brian Maloney
Could Brian be the next conservative heavy lifter? My money's on him.

The Truth Laid Bear
TTLB Ecosystem host and esteemed pundit.

Timothy Goddard
Brilliant analysis - plus Red State WA!

Great conservative commentary and about some kind of Weblog awards or something like that

Fellow traveler McGehee's musings