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Superman's product of the century (so far):

December 06, 2004
The Heroes of India Company
Filed in: Current Affairs, Video, War on Terror

FOX News' Greg Palkot was embedded with India Company Marines in Fallujah - beginning with the initial assault through their post action gathering.

In an incredible documentary aired last night, we saw first hand the dangerous house-to-house combat that characterized this urban battle - in a microcosm of what many, many other American companies were doing in other parts of the city at the same time.

These Marines took no joy in killing - often through an interpreter verbally offering their enemy a chance to surrender - such chance seldom taken. Only after such negotiations failed did our Marines oblige the enemies' wish to die.

And what did these brave soldiers think of while they executed their mission? They mostly thought of you and me. Their fervent and foremost belief is that the price they pay is for American freedom. They fight on the enemies' doorstep instead of fighting on ours.

Doesn't this acutely expose those who disagree with these Marines as to why they carry out their missions - but say that they support the troops? How can you support the troops without believing what they believe?

India Company Fallujah PoemIn the after action meeting, a young Marine reads his poem (click on the picture to the left for a video clip - requires MS media player):

What is the price of freedom?
A Marine knows all to well.
It can be just the average hitch,
Or in the bowels of hell.
The cost we know is staggering,
And each man pays his price.
Some with just a few short years,
Some pay with their life.
Each time I see our flag unfurled,
I thank God I'm standing there.
And know whatever price is paid,
I willingly paid my share.

During this mission, three of the soldiers in India Company, along with 51 other US servicemen in Fallujah, laid the ultimate sacrifice on the altar of freedom.

Jpblecksmith Lieutenant JP Blecksmith could throw the football sixty yards in high school but had Ivy League level SAT scores - terrorists shot him in the back. Get to know JP Blecksmith a little better here.

He counted you as a friend worthy of his sacrifice.

Shanekielion Just a few hours before Lance Corporal Shane Kielion was killed in this action, his wife gave birth to Shane Junior. Get to know Shane Kielion a little better here.

He, too, counted you as a friend worthy of his sacrifice.

Antoinesmith Lance Corporal Antoine Smith played the viola in high school and being in the Marine Corps helped him overcome a speech impediment. The Orlando Sentinel has removed their story so I reproduce it here so you can get to know him a little better:

(Orlando Sentinel) At Dr. Phillips High School, Antoine Smith might have been remembered only as the quiet kid with the slight stutter who played viola in the school orchestra.

But days after graduating in May 2001, Smith joined the Marine Corps. And when he returned to the Orange County school to visit a year later, he was like a different young man.

"He was in his Marine uniform," said Jennifer Erickson, who taught Smith in the orchestra his senior year. "He had this big smile on his face, and he didn't stutter anymore. He had so much heart, so much pride. I think Antoine had really found what he wanted to do."

But this week, Erickson and her colleagues learned that the proud young Marine Lance Corporal would never return to visit again.

Smith, 22, died Monday in combat in Iraq, one of more than 50 U.S. troops killed since early November in fighting to oust insurgents from the rebel stronghold of Fallujah.

It might seem unlikely for a shy young musician to become a rifleman with the 5th Marine Regiment. But those who knew Smith said it was no mystery.

"He would work hard for what he wanted," said Paul Waters, an Orlando businessman who befriended Smith. "And he wanted to be a Marine."

Waters met Smith when they sat next to each other one day at First Baptist Church of Orlando. They shared a pew for the next seven years, and Waters became a friend and mentor to Smith.

Smith was an only child, and his mother, who raised him alone, sometimes had to struggle to make ends meet, Waters said.

Smith grew up in a small duplex in a west Orlando neighborhood where many young men fall into trouble with drugs and crime.

But Smith's mother, Deborah, worked hard to make sure Antoine stayed on the right path, said Anne Parrette, his orchestra teacher for his first three years at Dr. Phillips who often gave him rides to and from home for concerts and rehearsals.

"She worked her schedule so that she was home when he got home from school," Parrette said. "She was at all the performances, and she would always chaperone, even though she didn't have a car. He was her whole life."

Friends said Deborah smith was too distraught to talk Thursday.

Smith began playing the viola in middle school, and he had to work hard to do well, Erickson said.

"Some kids are naturally talented," Erickson said. "He wasn't one of the students who it came easy to. But he worked very hard at it."

In his last year at Dr. Phillips, Smith won the orchestra award for the most improved senior musician, Erickson said. She wants to establish a memorial award in Smith's name for music students who display Smith's "dedication, perseverance and great love of music."

Smith, who was stationed at Camp Pendleton in Southern California, returned home to visit about six weeks ago, just before he was sent to Iraq, Waters said. It was Smith's first deployment to Iraq.

Like many recruits, Smith struggled at first in the military, Waters said. It was hard being away from home and difficult adjusting to the strict discipline and austere conditions.

"He had the usual G.I. complaints," Waters said.

But on his last visit home, it was clear Smith was flourishing, Waters said.

"I saw a lot of maturing. He gained a great deal of confidence in the Marine Corps," Waters said. "I think he was looking at it as a career."

Word of the young Marine's death was a bitter blow, Waters said. He has tried to think not of Smith's death, but of how lucky he was to know the young man.

"You look at where he came from, and what he did," Waters said. "I was very proud of him."

Antoine Smith counted you as a friend worthy of his sacrifice as well.

Many other soldiers were wounded in the Fallujah operation - 22 of them from India Company.

I am, at once, filled with pride and humbled by these volunteer citizen soldiers. How precious they render each act of our daily lives. Though I am too old in body to fight beside them so far away, I will fight each day to see that their sacrifices are cherished and that their honor will increase and that our memory of them will not fade.

God bless our men and women who serve our country in the armed services.

UPDATE: Many thanks to The Commissioner: Hugh Hewitt for linking to this post. Please do what you can to increase the honor these men deserve and support the memorial work being done for those of India Company and all other's that serve this nation. I, too, think that it would be great for FOX to re-air this documentary in a prime time slot. Send FOX emails.

UPDATE: For Hugh Hewitt readers - if you have read 'If it's not close, they can't cheat' by Hugh, or if you just want a practicum on what happens when it is close, you'll want to check out my posts on the agony of the gubernatorial race here in Washington state: A very, very long summary post since election day, or a shorter post with links focused on the count and the recount from November 16th. If you only have time for one or two posts, check out the ballot on this post, and/or the video parody here. We're starting a manual state-wide recount Wednesday which is going to feature, believe it or not, the printing out of computer based votes onto 8.5" x 11" paper for hand counting! Hugh, it's close and they are cheating!

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» How to Bury a Hero by HM3 James Pell, USN from Chaotic Synaptic Activity
I found the following comments just a few minutes ago. I was chasing links to read about a young Marine, LCpl Antoine Smith. He was killed by hostile fire at Fallujah. A Navy Corpsman tells us how to bury your comrades. [Read More]

TrackPulled on Jun 14, 2005 1:53:08 PM

People Pulling

I read articles like this one and obits, when they are published online, because I feel it is *my duty* to share the loss of many great American soldiers and their families. Though a stranger, I feel their loss and their pain. And say a prayer for each one.

God bless them all!

EMCEE: Thank you James. God bless you too. If we share in the grief of losing fine men like these, we more acutely value the freedom that they freshen on our behalf. It's almost incomprehensible isn't it that men like this count us worthy to sacrifice their lives for - even though we are strangers to them?

Posted by: James Martin at Dec 6, 2004 11:15:27 PM


EMCEE: Amen. Semper Fi!

Posted by: TOM WALSH at Dec 7, 2004 7:48:07 PM

my husband is with delta co, 2nd amphibious tracs in fallujah. I read the articla and appreciate it. Keep up the support.

EMCEE: Thanks so much for the comment. Please relate our most fervent support to your husband. And please accept our heartiest support for you as you sacrifice so much as well. God bless you!

Posted by: kayla maynard at Dec 22, 2004 1:09:37 PM

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the recognition that there is something more important that fear.

For the Marines of India Company, likewise for all of our deployed Marines and Soldiers, nothing is more important than defending and protecting democracy and freedom.

Word cannot express my deep appreciation, respect and undying gratitude for all that they do with such Honor, Perseverance, Spirit and Heart.

EMCEE: Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments.

Posted by: Huntress at Dec 31, 2004 12:05:29 PM

Heroes of India Company, Excelent piece, brings back many memories, I was a machinegunner in India 3/7 in Vietnam had my 19th birthday in DMZ and felt like turning 50
Semper Fi Erkki Nevatie USMC veteran Vietnam

EMCEE: I salute you for your service. God Bless patriots like you.

Posted by: Erkki Nevatie at Feb 28, 2005 12:42:46 AM

Forgive my spelling. I was next to Lcpl Smith as he took his last breath. As a US Navy Corpsman I am there to help trasition heroes into the next life. I was flipping through the TV Sunday night and came across "Heroes of India Company". I wasn't aware that this documentary existed. I paused and watched as I relived the fight. I was with 3/5 untill I was shot Nov 15, 2004. I am the Sniper platoon Cormpsman. After Smith went down and the bombs were dropped we pushed on. We engaged in a fierce fight with five insurgents across the street. It was roof top to roof top. Then out of no were the house next to us opened up and pinned us down. My Sniper partner and myself stormed the third story roof killing two insurgents. Once ontop of the third story the Marines started moving across to the second deck. First over was Shane. No sooner had he crossed over the wall I heard him scream for help. I looked over the edge and saw him holding his head, still screaming. I did what any true Marine loving Corpsman would do, I went after him to pull him out of the line of fire and treat his wound. I never made it to Shane though. I hung my feet over the third deck to jump to the second were Shane was no lying motionless. As I started to slide off It felt like a sledge hammer smashed into my right thigh, and it went limp. No sooner the same feeling in my right calf. It hit me, I'm being shot! I looked for a way to get out of the insurgents path and chose to jump off the side of the building. Before I could make the move My left leg went limp as more AK-47 rounds went through the upper thigh, calf and foot. As I was falling the insurgents rounds found target again, two round to the lower right abdomin and two round to the upper groin. I fell two stories and dislocated my right shoulder. Because of the medical training I gave my Snipers every day, Lcpl James Powers saved my life. He prompty stopped the massive bleeding from my legs. From the beginning to the end I was with both Smith and Shane. Everything medicaly possiable was done to preserve life. I am now training others that are heading to combat, awaiting my Marine Corps family to return from Fallujah this month.

EMCEE: James, I cannot express in words just how much brave Marines like you mean to me. Everything I can think of just fails to say to you what I feel. Let me just say: Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. On behalf of the American people I thank you. On behalf of the brave men and women that you serve I thank you. Your courage and valor inspire me. I thank God for patriots like you sir. God Bless You!

Posted by: HM3 Pell, James at Mar 1, 2005 9:36:48 AM

God bless the newest "greatest generation". You are in good company.

Posted by: Joe Kasper at Mar 3, 2005 4:07:37 PM

I wanted to say thank you to all of our heroes and let them know how much we truly appreciate their sacrifices.

My son is with 3/5 and was Kielion's roommate before they stormed 'Jah. I will be taking a road trip from Denver - Omaha to present Shane's mom with a condolence book from Marine Moms, friends and family throughout the country sometime in May when my son is home on leave. Anyone wanting to send me a condolence letter to be included in this awesome book that the Marine Moms make for "their own" please feel free to send to me.

Having letters from the guys they served with and were there, who knew Shane, will be a huge plus.

Anyone who wants to make this truly a "ROAD TRIP" contact me and we can maybe organize something.

Posted by: Marge Reich at Mar 6, 2005 10:27:13 AM

My good friend Cpl. Barlass is in 3-1 India company he's a machine gunner on a 240 Bravo. When I heard first hand of what he was going through by another good friend of mine who was deployed at Camp Fallja it brought me to tears. They know that they are in the most dangerous place in the world today and they see death and suffering first hand, but everyday they perform their duties without hesistation. By the grace of god all of my friends have made it home safely. I recently got to spend about a month with Cpl. Barlass and the stories he has told me have simply blown me away. What these guys go through on a daily basis is simply amazing. But what's more amazing is the brotherhood and the way the feel about what they do. He used to write me letters telling me he's doing this for us and our families not those who critcize what they do(which he said he's learning is by far and away the minority as most support the troops) He lost some of his best friends over there but he's taken it in stride. I'm very proud of him and all my friends in the service(about 6-7 that have deployed so far and a couple more who just enlisted). I believe we are forever in debt to these brave men and women who are committing the most selfless act known by risking their lifes to better ours. God bless them all and god bless all of you for supporting.

Posted by: Justin at Mar 17, 2005 3:28:45 PM

How to bury a hero.

Andrew Keeler was one of the best SS I ever knew. He was dedicated to his country and his brother in arms. He died outside of of the capital in early April. Killed while participating in convoy operations. We, his military brothers, flew to the funeral to be the his honor guard. Once at the cemetary the uligy was read and flowers placed on the casket. The five of us wated until all the public had left the site and we, the people that knew more about Andrew than his own family, opened his casket and pinned on the medals he earned in combat. We closed the casket and together lowered it into the ground. Before we landed for the funeral we all agreed that no minumum wage cemtary worker was going to touch this heros coffin, or the dirt that was to cover it. So the five of us picked up our shovels and burried Andrew shovel by shovel. We tamped the dirt and relaid the sod, then stood over the sight silently for a few minutes to honor Andrews life. Then we got smashed on the plane ride home. This is how I wanna go when the time comes...

Posted by: HM3 Pell James at Apr 12, 2005 1:59:11 PM

I can say not only that I was able to serve with Antoine, but I knew him well. He was my brother. We server together as rifelmen in 1st platoon 1st squad. Smith use to call us "team vick-smyth" like "Ram-Rod" from a movie that he enjoyed. On Nov. 15 i was not with smith when he was hit. I was directly accross the street. When we heard the gun fire, and the news that one of ours had been hit, we went in to retrieve our fallen brother. "Team punishment" lead by Lcpl. Rick Meyers, under the direction of Sqd. leader Cpl. Worthy, endered the court yard of the house. I was the first to see Smith. If you can ever imagine how it is portrayed in movies, where everything is happening way to fast, yet in slow motion at the same time. Or everything is so loud yet dead silent all at once, thats how the world was. As I carried my brother out of that court yard, my team proceded to destroy the six evil cowards that had taken one of our brave hero's. Mrs. Smith, I thank you for giving us all a chance to know your son, our brother. Semper Fi Antoine. May you guard the streets of heaven as fiercly as we stormed the streets of hell.

Lcpl. James Vick

EMCEE: James, words cannot express how overwhelmingly grateful I am for Marines like you. God Bless you and I offer special remembrances for you and your brothers this Memorial Day!

Posted by: Lcpl. James Vick at May 29, 2005 5:10:23 PM

Hello India Company 3/5 this is Lcpl Smith Antoine mom I want to take this time to thank Lcpl Vick and all the 3/5 company Marines and a special thank you to Lcpl Meyers Rick while in Iraq with my only child and son. Antoine is one of many fallen heroes killed for this war now guarding the gates of heaven. Antoine was sadden for the lost of many brothers and sisters that laid down their lives in Iraq 2003-04. He knew of the danger in Iraq, but still wanted to be in Iraq with his brothers/sisters in arms even if he had to lay down his life with them. While home on leave preparing for Iraq. Told me three different times "I want to live, but if I don't get shot too bad I will be back home If I live! I live! or I die! I die". He was brought back home to me nine weeks later in a flag drap coffin. Thank you to all the India Company for a wonderful visit on the base in CA, when I seen the faces of the many marines that fought beside my son it gave me closure, unanswered questions, and more peace of mind even until this moment but still a heavy heart. We all lost Antoine, but I gained 150 more sons to love on. I hope to visit you all again in CA. before you all go back to Iraq again. Thank you 2/5 and all military staff and families and people all over the world that cry with and for me and my family. Also for the cards, letters, hugs, kisses, phone calls, books. And a special thank you to the mothers and fathers lost children in Iraq and the love, support we share with each other the tears, laughs, stories of the life/death of our fallen children (Heroes) Everyone of you are in my prayers. It has to come to an end one day soon I hope. From all of us non-military people, you military people are our HEROES we love and support you. Not anyone can be an Soldier you are special in our eyes. THANK U, THANK U, THANK U.

Posted by: deborah smith at Jun 13, 2005 10:25:54 AM

I'm back!! And I have a quote for Lcpl Smiths mom. "When a warrior fights not for himself, but for his brothers, when his most passionately sought goal is neither glory or his own life's preservation, but to spend his substance for them, his comrades, not abandon them, not to prove unworthy of them, then his heart truly has achieved contempt for death, and with that he transcends himself and his actions touch the sublime. This is why the true warrior cannot speak of battle save to his brothers who have been there with him. This truth is too holy, too sacred, for words." Smith fought hard in the city. I can bear witness to Smiths' selfless actions on the account of his brothers.

EMCEE: Welcome back James! God Bless you and all of your brothers.

Posted by: HM2 James Pell at Jul 15, 2005 8:32:07 AM

As one who walked the same walk, 40 years ago, I can only bow my head at attention for a fallen brother.
I can see in my mind's eye Lcpl Smith joining those from my unit. Hey Robbie take care of the newby. Doc.

Semper Fi;
Mike H. HM2, PDRL
Late of E2/9

EMCEE: Bless you Mike. Thank you for your service to this great country. And blessings on those who paid that ultimate sacrifice that served with you and all those who fought and fight for the precious gift of freedom.

Posted by: Mike at Sep 11, 2005 3:46:42 PM

Andrew Keeler was my roomate for 2 years in the Marine Corps. He was a great person and Marine. May his memory be with us always....

Posted by: Nathan Butts at Nov 25, 2005 6:00:49 PM

Just FYI India Company 3/5 is back in Fallujah again.

Posted by: HM2 James Pell at Mar 18, 2006 9:39:13 AM

Andrew Keeler was my best friend. I will never forget the day he left for the Marines and his excitement and eagerness to get out there and learn. We would talk about all of his experiences for hours and hours. He was a passionate, intelligent, and caring man who loved what he did and was loyal to his family and friends. It's hard to believe that he has left us, but he has influenced many people for good and is now in a better place. He will never be forgotten and he will always be loved.

Posted by: Megan at Mar 23, 2006 11:59:01 PM

"For thoes who have fought for it, life holds a special flavor the protected will never know" Inscribed on a C-rat box by an unknown marine, Khe Sanh 1969.

Posted by: Hendo at Mar 27, 2006 12:38:44 AM

The Marine in the poetry video clip is Lt. Sven Jensen of India Co. Bronze Star, Purple Heart.....he is back in Iraq. 3rd tour as of this date. May 06 any word on how its going? DAD JENSEN

Posted by: Jensen at May 17, 2006 11:09:22 AM

Lt. Sven Jensen is a friend of mine. His poem has touched my heart. If any of you know him or see him please give him a hug from his little sister. Much love friends


Posted by: Ashley Lee at May 24, 2006 11:21:13 AM

My son is 2nd plt india company. I got a call from him today (5-29-06) which lets me know that he is ok. He has been getting a brake for the past few days. they have been on base with real food, showers, toliets and AC. They attended a concert last night by Tobey Kieth. All good things must come to an end as they are going back out tomorrow. This is for those who were not able to recieve a call. Semper Fi 3/5!

Posted by: phil whitton at May 29, 2006 12:31:20 PM

I was in 1st plt. delta co. 2nd tracks attached to 3/5 India co. 1st plt. in falluja. i drove the track "donkey punch" and put some holes in houses for you guys. i just wanted to let you guys know that i saw all that you grunts did and the things that happened to smith and Kielion and your brothers and i will never forget the shit yall did every day in that city.

Posted by: andrew alderman at Jul 30, 2006 11:06:48 PM

Remember the brave are only us never tested. Our brothers were tested and they passed. Brotherhood will live on and this BN will too. No mission will ever stop the natural brotherhood, determination and all out aggressive nature of the United States Marine Infantryman. We can not be stopped and neither will the thoughts of our brothers 3/5 get some. Leader One out.

Posted by: Worthy at Feb 17, 2007 11:09:10 PM

My name is Chris I was in I Co 3/5 these Marines as well as others that passed were my Friends. I am standing behind Lt. jenson while he is reading the poem. I just wanted to say that it is good to know people still care. thank you for remembering these brave Marines
Semper Fi

Posted by: Chris Ruiz at Aug 25, 2007 11:20:56 AM

My name is Chris I was in I Co 3/5 these Marines as well as others that passed were my Friends. I am standing behind Lt. jenson while he is reading the poem. I just wanted to say that it is good to know people still care. thank you for remembering these brave Marines
Semper Fi

EMCEE: Chris, thank you for your brave service. We cannot begin to thank you for all that you and your fellow Marines have done. God Bless.

Posted by: Chris Ruiz at Aug 25, 2007 11:24:39 AM

I just want to thank you to all of the Marines that have served past and present. My boyfriend is in 3/5 India Company and stationed in Fallujah Iraq, for those who don't know it is 3/5's 5th strait deployment in Fallujah. Thank you men and women who have been there and served for not only my freedom but the whole country's freedom. We are all back home supporting you 100% because you are the true heros of this country. To the families who lost thier loved ones and the marines who have lost "your brothers" my heart goes out to you and I pray for you all. Thank you!

Posted by: Amy at Oct 21, 2007 11:05:49 PM

Hey all you guys from 3/5 and family too. I was a sniper with 3/5 and was in support of india company during the fallujah push. I was there along with James Pell the day that Kielion left us. For those that don't know this, James Pell put himself in grave nearly fatal danger attempting to reach Kielion to help him. James was shot several times in the legs and even in his gear. We Marines have a type of love for each other that youll never see anywhere else. RIP Kielion I will shake your hand in heaven when the Marines regroup to gaurd the gates.

If anyone wants to reach me for any reason feel free to email me, or message me on myspace
[email protected]

Posted by: James Powers, CPL USMC Sniper at Nov 8, 2007 8:16:08 AM

Give it all.
Be proud, never look back.
Never let them pull you under.
Be your own hero.
Stand tall.
Stand together.

Squeeze with control.
Give an inch on runners.

Never look at lifeless eyes,
they will own your nights.

Let the dead visit without fear,
welcome sleep.

Except your insanity it will push
you past fear.

Realize you are now different.
Except you have become the wolf.
Without your pack you are worthless.
Hunting stories are kept in the pack, they
will scare the sheep.
Be wary of sheep dogs.

Confide in each other, this is not weakness.
Aid the wounded and their offspring.
Remember the dead with honor and respect
leave the tears for the sheep who knew not the wolf.

Your soul is not gone.
Reach out.
Reach in.
You are a wolf.
Show your teeth.

Posted by: at May 12, 2008 3:21:26 PM

Give it all.
Be proud, never look back.
Never let them pull you under.
Be your own hero.
Stand tall.
Stand together.

Squeeze with control.
Give an inch on runners.

Never look at lifeless eyes,
they will own your nights.

Let the dead visit without fear,
welcome sleep.

Except your insanity it will push
you past fear.

Realize you are now different.
Except you have become the wolf.
Without your pack you are worthless.
Hunting stories are kept in the pack, they
will scare the sheep.
Be wary of sheep dogs.

Confide in each other, this is not weakness.
Aid the wounded and their offspring.
Remember the dead with honor and respect
leave the tears for the sheep who knew not the wolf.

Your soul is not gone.
Reach out.
Reach in.
You are a wolf.
Show your teeth.

Posted by: HM1 James Pell at May 12, 2008 3:21:49 PM

The above was close to what I heard a Staff Seargeant telling his young squad of infantry men in the mud the night before we began our attack on Fallujah. I couldn't remember it all so I had to fill it in to make it readable.

Posted by: HM1 pell at Jul 13, 2008 6:06:55 PM

Man its been years since that day.. But it feels like it was yesterday and there not a day goes by that i can still hear the Burst of gunfire erupts from across the street and Hear the screams of my fellow Marine I am Ramon R Rivera I served with "Ant" in Fallujah I was in myers Fireteam i was the point man for most of the push into fallujah my self "rod" "myers"and "vick" Took the fight to them Cowards Team Punishment After Secound Fireteam Left the building and our Brother behind i took the far right side of the court yard with the laying down suppressive fire so myers and vick could reterive smith after smith was pulled to safety well went and did what we do as infantry men i miss my brothers and i will never forget smith

Posted by: RAY RIVERA at Aug 13, 2008 8:20:13 PM

She hardlynoticed >phat white booty me obviously not answered, it. Oh god, it felt it. The table.

Posted by: booty at Nov 24, 2008 11:27:24 PM

God Bless you Keeler, you are truly in a better place now. I was supposed to be number six, and will regret that I was not forever. "Z"

Posted by: roger zion at Dec 16, 2008 7:54:39 PM

greetings all my name is Cpl manny, and antoine was my best friend in the entire company, we had alot of laughs and were battle buddies, I was actually the one that recieved contact first that day of nov. 15 at 1130 am fallujah time, we got ambushed by a heavy machine gun position inside the court yard, when i recieved the rounds that luckily bounced off my groin protector i immediately began to spray the area where the fire was comming from, but little did we know that the positions were heavily fortified and it was two rpks that openned fire on our fire team, Cpl macain began tossing granades in the direction of the enemy position while i began to spray somemore, but the fire power was to overwhelming for us that it not only pinned us to a cornner but didnt allow antoine to aim his at4 and engage, by that time he was moldded down and we couldnt see becasue of the heavy degree of fire, smoke, and powder that blinded our visions and we couldnt tell where each one of us was, now Sgt vaughsouti was trapped in a cornner, while macain was tossing frags, i was francticly calling for smiths name, i was hearing his screams but i couldnt see where i was, i called" smith buddy, TELL ME WHERE ARE YOU? but all i heard was shouts and yells, the enemy fire got very very heavy that our fire team leader had no choice but to retrograde out of the house to regroup and get a head count, all 3 of us (macain, manny and voughnsouthi) made it out but smithy was still inside, thats when the cavalry(SSgt worth, Sgt Vick, and Sgt myrs team) came in and gave us the support we needed, we pulled him out and i began to cry cause i felt that it was my fault, that as his combat buddy i have failed to protect him, and its been yrs since his death and i still hold a piece of that guilt, why him and not me, i always ask myself, all i know is that he was my brother we had alot of plans to go to asia and do the town, but God needed his brave pressence to guard the skies, smith i still think of you, to all of 1st plt, brothers I AM SORRY, AND I WISH I COULD BRING HIM BACK, james vick, tacuma worthy, rick myers, eric macain, steve voughsouti, ricky rodriguez, ray rivera, thank you for being there not backing down and for the much needed support, to not only carry out our brother, but for comming back the same day, AND WIPPING ALL THOSE SONS OF BITCHES OUT, I LOVE YOU 3/5, I LOVE YOU DIESEL INDIA, AND I LOVE YOU MRS. SMITH. SEMPER FIDELIS..GET SOME!!!
Sgt Manny Rey Manzueta
3/5 2004 -2005

Posted by: cpl rey manny manzueta at Nov 11, 2010 9:07:47 AM

God Bless you Manny!

Posted by: eMCee at Feb 11, 2011 6:32:10 PM

Thank each and every person that served with my son LCPL Smith Antoine D. "Toine". Those operation Iraq Freedom Fighters military in iraq with Antoine thank you all for being there for my son. We all still have him, he lives in our hearts souls and minds for ever. Thank you for getting Antoine back home to me it gaves me closure. I continue to pray for all the military every day where ever you are. My church member created a site for Antoine Smith check it out "" DO NOT use the e-mail address listed in the site. PLEASE use e-mail address "[email protected]" instead. ALSO FOX NEWS CHANNEL in New York video of 3/5 fallen (Company Of Heroes)4 of fallen marines KIA November 2004 in Iraq. Antoine one of them. USE THIS SITE to contact Antoine's mother "[email protected]". Please e-mail me anyone served with Antione.
Love, think and pray each of you all everyday. I have many military sons and daughters now to love on now.

Deborah Smith with all my heart
LCPL Smith Antoine Mom

Posted by: Deborah Smith at Mar 29, 2011 11:27:20 AM


Google Fox News Specials Company of heroes

In November 2004 Fallujah 4 fallen marines and families at home. The hidden heroes at home

Posted by: Deborah Smith at Mar 29, 2011 1:14:00 PM

Thank you, it's very useful.

Posted by: mujeres at May 22, 2011 7:32:29 AM

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