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December 17, 2004
WA Governor's Race: Go get 'em!
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, WA Governor's Race

The Washington State Republican Party, Chris Vance (State GOP Chair), and Jane Milhans (Pierce County Republican Chair) have sued the King County Division of ... Elections ..., and the King County Canvassing Board asking that the Pierce County Superior Court primarily grant an injunction to force the defendants to segregate the 'new' 573 ballots, to keep the absentee envelope attached to each of these ballots, and to prevent the defendants from canvassing the 573 ballots one more time.

This is a reasoned response to the all out assault conducted by King County election officials on the Washington electorate. Hopefully, it will at least keep the Democrats from putting another stake in the ground like they have repeatedly done during this gubernatorial election process - by repeatedly introducing 'new' ballots that get lost in the mass of ballots once they have been introduced into the counted ballot population.

Friend Josef has supplied the salient court documents which I am hosting. You may link to my document store for these documents without attribution.

The complaint is here and is the detail of what I outlined at the beginning of this post.

The declaration of attorney Robert Maguire is here. He includes the Washington State Supreme Court decision of this week denying the Democrat's motion to re-canvass rejected ballots and the letter he sent yesterday to the King County Canvassing Board. This declaration asserts that the Canvassing Board has agreed not to tamper with the ballots until the Pierce County Superior Court has ruled.

The declaration of Kenneth Seal, an official observer for the Washington State Republican Party, is here. He observed Bill Huennekens, King County Elections Supervisor and other elections employees counting ballot envelopes from open trays on carts and that once these envelopes had been counted a cartload of them were transferred from the Mail Ballot Operation Satellite (where he was observing) to the King County Administration building - without being accompanied by Sherrif's deputies or observers.

The declaration of Dan Brady, lead observer for the Washington State Republican Party, King County, is here. He has first hand knowledge that the 573 ballots were evaluated and rejected by the King County Canvassing Board twice prior to November 17th and that most of the addresses on those ballots had been sent a letter - some of them two letters prior to November 17th to have an opportunity to validate the ballots prior to certification of the election. He also has direct knowledge that these ballots have not been securely kept during the counting and recounting of the ballots.

The motion for Restraining Order is here. This details the complaint again and specifically requests that a Restraining Order be granted against King County Election officials.

Hopefully the Democrats will keep their word to Robert Maguire and not make another 'mistake' of putting these 573 ballots - without their envelopes - into the absentee ballot counting pool.

Now, let's see which judge Pierce County will assign this complaint to and how quickly they will act.

I am so grateful and thankful for patriots like those listed here who have taken action to preserve our freedom. A hearty thank you to each of you - and God bless you.

Thank you for the link Jeff! Also Michelle Malkin!

UPDATE: That Pierce County judge is Stephanie Arend, Argument for WA GOP is by attorney Harry Korrell - argument occurring right now in Pierce County Superior Court (1:41 PM) ...

UPDATE: Digital Brown Pajamas reports on 'Ballot 81' in King County - a write in for "Christine Rossi". The ballot was counted as a vote for Christine Gregoire (not her Republican opponent Dino Rossi) - and not disqualified as a vote. See what I mean?.

For a subsequent update to 'Ballot 81' go here.

UPDATE: Judge Stephanie Arend ruled in favor of the Republican petition saying that state law ruled out allowing these new votes to be counted. King 5 has the story here. Democratic chair Paul Berendt vowed an appeal to the Washington State Supreme Court.

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TrackPulled on Dec 17, 2004 12:19:34 PM

People Pulling

Gregoire should be horse-whipped for what she is putting the State of Washington and the nation through, all in the name of "making every vote count"...and count...and count.

I hope she gets her butt run out of Washington. Never, and I mean NEVER has a Republican gone to such lengths to win/steal an election.

Thanks for keeping the rest of us up to speed with what is happening...

Posted by: WB at Dec 17, 2004 2:06:45 PM


(My blog also has editorial board support...)

Posted by: Josef at Dec 17, 2004 3:50:15 PM

Why bother posting to this biased censored website that filters out truth and replaces it with corrupt rhetoric. We the true patriotic citizens of the United States who deny the Hitler's of the world power and dominion over the people demand an accurate account of the will of the people with regards to who leads them. It is imperative that standardization and accuracy be fundamental to out democracy and anyone whosoever denies an accurate account of the will of the people or impedes such process shall be imprisoned without the chance for parol for outright treason to the great fundamentals setforth by our forefathers.

EMCEE: Tell us what you really think Bill. Perhaps you can explain why this particular post was still the ONLY place you could get the documents of the GOP's petition to Pierce County Superior Court and why every local news organization posted the Dems reponses as soon as they were produced. Couldn't have been 'bias' could it?

Posted by: Bill at Dec 22, 2004 4:01:01 PM

I think this governor's election is a joke. These whiney-ass democrats bitch and complain that every democrat vote should count, WHEN THEY CAN CONTROL THEM!!!!!! However, if it is a Republican vote, sweep it under the rug so it can't be counted. Especially when a lot of these votes are from active duty personnel serving in harm's way. I used to have respect for christine greguiore as an AG. Not anymore. She is the lowest form of subhuman filth who should be tarred and feathered out of WA state. Democracy will never be the same unless there is a reelection. Until that day comes, be prepared for the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Grab your guns and gear and prepare yourselves bring back what our forefathers fought and died for.

Posted by: Harvey P. Kravitz at Dec 23, 2004 7:07:02 PM

They bulled me with elections in Russia, now they are trying to bull me here, in State Washington.
What a shame! I do not want my ballot to be fixed manually by those demo-craps.

EMCEE: Thanks for the comment. Would you be willing to tell us about your specific experience(s) in Russia?

Posted by: Alexander Nevsky at Dec 29, 2004 2:00:12 PM

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