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June 29, 2005
The Vietnam Analogy Ends Now and a New One Begins
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, War on Terror

I've had all I can take - I can't stand the constant reference to Vietnam in the current loony-left dialog.  Most of these morons haven't even had the history of Vietnam taught to them.  In what passes for history instruction in the current educational environment, history appears to be based solely on what it should have been not what it really was.  Those who do remember the "good ole days of violent protest" are old hags and pansy-like metro-sexual college professors.

I guess I should give you a little background.  I am a geezer,  served three years in the U.S. Army Security Agency (1958-1961), and my experience in Vietnam was only on the fringes.  I was involved, however, in training during the "Adviser" period.

Vietnam started, as most wars do, by European colonization.  France to be exact!  After they lost, which they always do, we came to the aid of South Vietnam by offering training and support.  It was during this time that the now famous "Special Forces/Special Operations"  concepts were developed.  Starting with President Eisenhower and refined by President Kennedy the Green Berets became the primary military presence in Vietnam.  They were aided  by some support units, like mine.  Most of the action at that time was minor.  Most of those who served at that time never faced direct action.

In 1961, President Kennedy bought the concept entirely.  The concept was simple, win the Hearts and Minds of the Vietnamese people and allow them to defend themselves.  That policy was working, we were winning the war of minds.  If you doubt that, just say Mongs.

Folks (geezer word), this is the real analogy to Vietnam.  This is indeed what we are trying to do in Iraq now.

In November of 1963 we lost a true military visionary to an assassin  He was replaced by a pompous Democrat Politician, much like those we see today.  Are you listening Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry?  McNammara, in a power play, convinced Johnson that a well controlled political war was the answer.  And, by the way it wouldn't last more than six months.

The conventional war started by adding more and more conventional forces to the calculation.  Of course, the Democrats (they had the White House, Congress, and Senate - throw in the Supreme Court), like dogs walking through a forest, had to leave their mark on every aspect of the battle plan.

It was early in 1966 that we had lost the war.  Of course, Walter Kronkite (Stalinist reporter for CBS) said nothing until Lil' Bobby Kennedy aligned himself with the far left of the Democrat Party.  It was only then that the MSM started their attack on the War.  What current historians ignore is, polls of that time showed 60+% support for the effort in the U.S.  Funny how polls are news now, but don't report any that don't support the far-left poison.

It was only when the Republican, Nixon, showed up that the media went full-bore against America.  Nixon won his second-term overwhelmingly against an outwardly anti-war candidate.  Yet, the news was full of violent anti-war protest.  We lost and millions of Cambodians died because of America's far-left.  55,000 Americans died at the whim of Democrat politicians that wanted to control the war politically - some of whom still occupy positions in the Senate and Congress.

"Big Iron" generals like Zinni (I admire his service and his concern) are plain and simple, WRONG.  The "Big Iron" concept works only where very clear battle lines exist.  This concept would generate huge numbers of collateral death and at the same time lose the "Hearts and Minds."  This is a "Special Ops War."  It has to be.  The American footprint must be kept small, responsibility for security must go to the locals.  This was, in fact, the battle plan we had in the early years of Vietnam.  We were winning then.  It was the Democrat politicians who lost that war and they can't deny it.

This must not happen again, in Iraq.

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People Pulling

You know, for a geezer you've got a pretty good memory - and wisdom that should be heeded. Thanks!

Posted by: MC at Jun 29, 2005 9:02:55 AM

I too am a Nam Vet. Even had the pleasure of the 68 Tet offensive. There is one comparsion between Nam and Iraq. Once again the left wing hate America first press is reporting ONLY one side of the story. That is just a SMALL side of the good story about 25 million free to vote people. God forbid according to the so call news that GW win this war.
The really sad part is not the lack of the good news it's the fact that so many really stupid people buy into this media crap.

Posted by: Burlington Bob at Jun 29, 2005 1:39:11 PM

Nice piece, Ron. The msm's defining moment was Vietnam and Watergate - They tend to use this template even today because this is what defined their world-view then and now. BTW - Can you suggest a balanced history of the Vietnam War? I read Karnow's "Vietnam: A History" but it left me unsatisfied.

Posted by: JWebb at Jun 29, 2005 2:35:10 PM

Bravo, Ron! Well said! I remember, distinctly, admiring Nixon for having the guts to get out, after Johnson's escalation of the war, and then the blame laid at his (Nixon's) feet for, well ... everything.

Posted by: Diana at Jun 29, 2005 6:27:24 PM

Well said. I'm too young to remember the events you have described in this post, but I can see only too well the problems that the left and the politicians are causing in the current effort.

By the way, what the heck happened to the Democratic party after JFK?

Best regards,

Posted by: The Gnat's Trumpet at Jun 30, 2005 8:17:07 AM

You hit it right on the head Ron, but let's not forget. When we pulled out of Nam with the so called peace treaty. The Dems decided not to support the Gov of S-VietNam. Even though we said they would.
So the South fell and we ALL know the rest.
If the Dem's pull us out of Iraq, we will see a repete of Nam.

Not Good.

Posted by: Dustoff-Medic at Jun 30, 2005 11:21:25 AM

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