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November 06, 2005
Coprinus Comatus
Filed in: Current Affairs, Good eats, Photography

I spent a little time driving through some Washington state backroads this weekend.

Along a particular road I noticed some flora that I had never seen before...


This is a nicely ripened example of the Coprinus Comatus mushroom which apparently is very common all over the world. So I've gone my whole life until now before seeing one.


These are edible - which I didn't know when I saw them - or I would have harvested a few.


And it isn't wasting resources to pick them when they're ripe. After they ripen, a few days later they turn into pretty disgusting looking black ink. The picture above shows some that are just starting to turn.

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People Pulling

They look like maraccas.

EMCEE: Hi Gail! I wish I would have checked out whether they rattled!

Posted by: gail at Nov 7, 2005 7:39:56 AM

mushroom pics can be dangerous.....

EMCEE: I recall that's true Matt. Mrs. Hapke learned that some time ago with the impudicus. But like she said, these look more like maraccas. Do you think so?

Posted by: prairie biker at Nov 7, 2005 5:11:58 PM

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