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August 29, 2008
That 'hockey mom' from that tiny, out-of-the-way state...
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics

The mainstream press is already providing us with sanctimony about how Sarah Palin ranks:

...Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the so-called 'hockey mom' credited with reforms of her tiny, out-of-the-way state...

Tiny? Alaska contains more than twice the square miles of the second largest state (Texas) and represents over 40% of the shoreline in the entire United States. It contains the richest natural resources of any state.

Out-of-the-way? Well, sure - it borders northern Canada and Russia. But it's not the least populous state. As of the last census it ranked 47th - outranking bellwether Vermont, and the home of the current Vice President: Wyoming. Oh, and the District of Columbia as well - guess that makes Washington DC even more out-of-the-way than Alaska.

It's true that there is not a huge eligible voter population in Alaska - it's somewhere around a half-million souls.


A plurality of those who voted for governor in 2006 voted for Sarah Palin. It's certain that we'll hear some gleeful prognostication that 114,697 votes in this 'tiny, out-of-the-way' state demonstrate little on this national stage.

But then we might consider the national democratic primary:


Joe Biden managed to secure 81,490 votes in the Democratic national primaries. He didn't even make a dent in his own home state. He managed to secure far less votes on the national stage than Sarah Palin did 'out-of-the-way'.

You might claim that his is just odious comparison. Perhaps.

But it does instruct us on the important issue of perspective. It's clear that Barack Obama suffers from such hubris (or fear?) that he failed to select the candidate for his running mate that secured more of the primary popular vote than he did (and who was done in by the urbanization of the Democratic party machine that she helped create) and instead chose a Washington insider who clearly has no chance of making a dent in national public office otherwise.

So in the remarkable stealth dialogue that we now have in the public square, we have a product of the Chicago Democratic political machine and the quintessential Washington insider - remaking the failed promises of the nanny-state - cast as the 'agents of change' pitted against a war hero maverick with a nearly thirty year reputation of reaching across the aisle unafraid to bloody a few noses and a stud of a gun carrying soccer mom who isn't afraid to wade in among her own party in the public interest - and both with a keen interest to limit government - cast as 'more of the same'. How did we get so upside down?

Oh, and Delaware is tiny too. Really tiny - about three tenths of one percent of the size of Alaska - and maybe 100,000 more eligible voters than Alaska has. Not as tiny as Rhode Island or the District of Columbia mind you. But small enough to elect Joe Biden.

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People Pulling

a stud of a gun carrying "soccer" mom

That's "hockey" ... with a puck.

She's a brilliant choice.

Posted by: Diana at Aug 30, 2008 6:16:10 AM

As usual you are correct m'lady.

I was looking for a term that the proletariat could identify with that wasn't so, er, Canadian :)

Posted by: MC at Sep 2, 2008 4:17:52 PM

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