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June 23, 2005
Federal Vote Charges Filed In Milwaukee
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports three voters were served with federal charges for casting illegal votes.  The excuse given by one of those charged is priceless.  A felon on probation since early 2004 was asked why she voted.  Her answer, "The person who registered her said felons vote all time."  E Micheal Mc Cann (Dumocrat Milwaukee DA) had this to say, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Things are slowly moving forward.  To be completely successful Gov. Jim (Cue Ball) Doyle must be removed.   Voter ID will help minimize the impact of  the illegal alien vote and the college student multiple vote. Nothing can ever completely eliminate the dedicated criminal (Democrat) from their illegal activity.  We can make it tough and expensive if they get caught.

Felons must be addressed in a different manner.  One possibility would be to tie the Voter Database with the State Department of Justice Database.  This would require marking felons in some obvious way so poll workers can see the identification at the time the individual tries to vote.  This procedure would be necessary for absentee ballots as well.

Some progress is being made here in Wisconsin.  There is a lot more needed if we are to cleanup this voting mess.

Pulled by Ron L on June 23, 2005 at 07:19 AM
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June 22, 2005
The Pro-Fraud Party Loses One in Racine
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Imagine my surprise as I was reluctantly browsing the World's Premier Fish Wrapper (The Racine Journal Times).  When what to my wondrous eyes appeared - This Headline.  "Judge Throws Out Plea Agreement in Voter Registration Fraud Case, Sentences Man To Jail."

The "Project Vote" thug was smiling as he enter the courtroom.  A plea bargain virtually assured him and his buddy (Jury Trial in July) would have access to another E. Micheal McCann (Milwaukee Democrat DA) like DA.  Please don't make the DA's office actually soil their hands with a tough approach to the law.

Judge Dennis Barry fooled them all.  Plea bargain agreement - Out.  Jail time - In.  DA's Office egg on face.  DA Nieskes (Who we once had great hope for and worked for his election) turned traitor to his supporters.  I guess it's true that a rose is a rose, a lawyer is lawyer.  But, then we have to consider Judge Dennis Barry.  He is right on in his opinion and a lawyer too.

"The problem that the court has with this case is that it is not situation where Jones is a supervisor in a factory where people had to make air fresheners ( a not so veiled reference to Racine's largest employer, Johnson Wax)....this job was related to the very fundamental right of America's society, the right to vote," Barry said.

The sentence:  Two year's probation

Conditions:  * Serve 90 days in the Racine County Jail

                      * Pay $500 to Crime Stoppers of Racine within 6 months

                      * Maintain full-time employment outside the political arena

                      * Not engage in any job with election activity, not even a place

                        that prints campaign signs

The judge closed with these comments,"Kids in high school can't wait to turn 18 to have the right to vote.  It's a big deal to exercise that right.  If we allow people to treat the voting system like some game they can cheat at, then we are in real trouble.  You had the responsibility, and were paid for it, to make sure the registration forms were accurate and complete.  When people are found not doing their duty then the rule of law has to step in."

Thank you Judge Barry for a job well done.  DA Nieskes - It's time for you to grow a few appendages that all REAL MEN possess.  Your actions in this case are a disgrace.

And may I never hear the Dumocrat saying again, "Just one case of Fraud, Just one", when they complain about voter ID legislation.


Pulled by Ron L on June 22, 2005 at 09:02 AM
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May 12, 2005
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Voter ID Legislation has passed the Wisconsin State Senate once again.  Just a few weeks ago, a similar bill was passed by Wisconsin’s Assembly and Senate overwhelmingly.  The bill was vetoed by our useless ambulance chasing, cue ball head governor.  An override of the veto fell a few votes short.

I am proud to say our Wisconsin Republican Senators are not taking their lead from the gutless RINO’s we have in the U.S. Senate (Yes, I do mean you Hagel, Voinovich, Collins, Snow, Chaffee and, of course, John “where are the TV cameras” McCain).  The intention is to bring this bill back to Doyle as many times as necessary to get our problem resolved.  If nothing else Doyle will end up with arthritic fingers from signing all those vetoes.

The Bill passed but was stalled on a procedural block by the representatives of the illegal voters, or as they are better known, the Democrats.  In Wisconsin, the Democrats will lose all statewide and most local elections if they can’t keep the illegal votes coming at an increased rate.  There are fewer Union thugs so they must rely on the illegal vote ploy to maintain their status.

An article in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel points to an interesting amendment.  Two days ago the “Joint Task Force On Voter Fraud” announced they found clear evidence of fraud in Milwaukee.  So, on a 33 – 0 vote an amendment was added to the current bill addressing the voting process for felons.  I guess even the “Dums” have to try and cover their behinds.  The Journal Sentinel did an online poll and the last time I looked the split was 86% for Voter ID and 14 % against.  Not scientific, but you’ve got to remember the paper is a far left rag.  This statement excludes Greg Borowski, a fine reporter, of course.

So stay tuned, we in Wisconsin have actually got a group of Senators who deserve our respect. Way to go Robin (Vos) and Cathy (Stepp) you deserve our thanks.

Pulled by Ron L on May 12, 2005 at 08:17 PM
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May 11, 2005
Where's the FBI and DOJ in Washington?
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, WA Governor's Race, Wisconsin Vote Fraud


These are the seals that head the Milwaukee joint task force report that Ron supplied last night. They represent a cooperative effort between the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Milwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee County, and the Department of Justice (US Attorney). This is the summary of their findings:

Based on the investigation to date, the task force has found widespread record keeping failures and separate areas of voter fraud. These findings impact each other. Simply put: it is hard to prove a bank embezzlement if the bank cannot tell how much money was there in the first place. Without accurate records, the task force will have difficulty proving criminal conduct beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

With that caveat, the task force has made the following specific determinations based on evidence examined to date:

1. The task force has developed evidence of more than 100 individual instances of suspected double-voting, voting in names of persons who likely did not vote, and/or voting in names believed to be fake. Those investigations continue.

2. In addition, the task force has determined that more than 200 felons voted when they were not eligible to do so. In order to establish criminal cases, the government must establish willful violations in individual instances.

3. Also, the task force has found that persons who had been paid to register voters as “deputy registrars” falsely listed approximately 65 names in order to receive compensation for the registrations. The evidence does not indicate that these particular false registrations were later used to cast votes.

4. The number of votes counted from the City of Milwaukee exceeds the number of persons recorded as voting by more than 4,500.

For some reason, this task force seems to think that illegal voters, felonious voters, improperly registered voters and ballotless voters are worthy of a joint task force investigation and constitute voter fraud.

Of course in Washington state we have a situation that is far more egregious since it involves the fraudulent installation of Gregoire as governor - but in Washington state we don't have a joint task force. Can you imagine the center two seals above being replaced by the Seattle Police Department and King County? Me neither. King County is so pervasively corrupt that a federal investigation would have to be conducted over their protests. After all, when confronted with evidence like recited in the Milwaukee task force report, the King County Council holds a meeting with the Democrats at the center of the very reason for an investigation - and they slap themselves on the back for a job well done.

Shark reported last night that US Attorney John Mckay could not or would not say whether a federal investigation is under way. Whether there is or isn't - it is clear that there is no 'joint task force' that includes King County.

One can only hope that a Grand Jury has been convened and indictments are being prepared - against all of those in King County who are part of the massive election fraud in our fair state.

Pulled by Emcee on May 11, 2005 at 10:26 AM
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Surprise, Surprise! Voter Fraud in Milwaukee.
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Greg Borowski, as he usually does, writes a solid evaluation of the vote fraud here in the land of cheese.  How the Journal Sentinel was able to get a reporter who actually reports amazes me.  Especially when the true position of the Journal Sentinel is represented here in the opinion of Ricardo Pimentel the Opinion editor.

Only one thing is worse.  That is the Racine Journal Times coverage.  No link here because they don’t even bother covering the issue. I would never link you to the Racine Journal Times in any case, that is, unless you had rotting fish that needed to be covered.

The report itself has identified a number of fraudulent activities.  They follow:

  • I.      100 instances of double voting
  • II.       More than 200 felons voting
  • III.      Paid registrars listing false names as new registered voters
  • IV.      The number of votes counted exceeds the number of identified voters by 4,609.
  • V.      And, what I consider the REAL problem – the original voter registration lists are in such poor condition it is impossible for even trained investigators to use them to verify activity on November 2, 2004.

Racine County (Burlington is located here) is assuming they are above this fray.  They are not; they just don’t want to admit it.  All along I have felt the real vote fraud problem is the existing voter databases.  They are poorly managed and maintain by incompetent political appointees and political party activists.

By the time the City of Racine delivered their Voter List to a group I am working with, enough time and effort went into sanitizing their report to make it look reasonably good.  One problem, however, we still found felons who voted and the same day registration cards were not fully verified.  More work needs to be done in Racine and other Wisconsin communities controlled by Democrats.  Yes, I said Democrats.  They not only look the other way when addressed with vote fraud, they encourage it.  Hell, they are part of it.  Before you lefties get your undies in a bundle, can you say, Move-On, ACT, New Voter Project, tire slashing, and convicted party members in Racine?

More Coming – Mayor Barrett of Milwaukee is actually going to be on Charlie Sykes Radio Talk Show in a while.This should be interesting.

Well that was Nothing!  Charlie is too nice.  I wish it was Mark Belling.  Barret said this; "Nothing discovered would have been prevented by photo ID's.  Excuse me while I tape my head with Duct Tape.  I'm sure it's going to explode.

Ed: Additionally, Ron sent along this document (requires Adobe Acrobat reader - about 1.5 megabyte file) with the summary findings by the joint task force investigating the Milwaukee vote fraud.

Pulled by Ron L on May 11, 2005 at 07:42 AM
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May 04, 2005
No Wisconsin Voter ID
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Ron sent along a link this morning from the LaCrosse Tribune in the aftermath of Democratic Governor Doyle's veto of the Wisconsin voter ID bill. This editorial expresses dismay at the broad polarization that exists on this issue in Wisconsin.

Earlier this week, we editorialized in favor of a voter ID bill, and suggested that Gov. Jim Doyle should not have vetoed it, and that it offers safeguards to ensure that elderly people won't be disenfranchised if they are poor or live in nursing homes.

An attempt by Republicans to override Doyle's veto failed on Tuesday.


But here's another over-the-top comment that doesn't help to advance the debate. A recent column online at, written by Milwaukee writer Joel McNally, said voter IDs would serve the same purpose as police dogs and fire hoses in the 1960s — it would keep minorities from voting.

"If requiring photo IDs doesn't turn away enough minority voters, we can always go back to the dogs and fire hoses," he wrote.

Flame-throwing like that does little to help advance the debate. But it shows the the vast ideological chasm that exists today — and how that stops us from finding common ground and getting anything done.

On Monday the editors at the Tribune published this editorial taking the governor to task for vetoing the bill:

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle should not have vetoed a bill requiring voters to present photo identification cards at the polls.

And he especially should not have vetoed it for the reason he gave — a contention that senior citizens would be disenfranchised.

This is fair treatment from the Tribune and they should be applauded for their position.

Unfortunately neither their opinion nor the unsuccessful effort to overturn the veto will prevent vote fraud from occurring in the next election in Wisconsin.

Pulled by Emcee on May 4, 2005 at 10:41 AM
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February 20, 2005
Debate - Racine Style
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

I've recreated my response to a feature in the Racine Journal Times sent today.  If you read the articles linked within, you'll get a sense for the problems we have.  All we get here are J school drop-outs.


Well, in order to have a debate one must first have facts.  The absence of which is the hallmark of Golub’s article.  He builds the question using ONE, I repeat one element of the election process.  The same day registration post card mailings!  An element, by the way, that Racine has never bothered completing before.

First, from your own article on Thursday there were 313 cards returned on the date the reporter talked with the City Clerk.  Some 207 were “resolved” leaving 106 that were “probably referred to the District Attorney’s Office”.  That’s the end, right?  All is well.  Maybe, maybe not!

Let me propose a few questions a “REAL” investigative reporter might have asked to find out just a little more about the mechanics used in the City Clerk’s Office to “resolve” the returns.

1.      Were the errors, transposition of addresses?

2.      If so, were new cards prepared and sent to verify that the individual in question was, in fact, a resident at the corrected address?

3.      What date(s) were the cards mailed?

a.      Original

b.      Follow-up (If any)

4.      In the case of large apartment complexes (Jacato Drive for example), was personal contact attempted to ensure that cards delivered to the general address were not just destroyed by the recipient at a general mail drop-off?

5.      How many returned postcards are still being received each day?  Obviously, some are still coming.  Just compare your 106 “potentially referred to the DA” with the 111 used in the Sunday article.

Second, let me propose a little remedial math related to your first article.

1.      The number of same day registrants in Racine on November 2, 2004 was 5,629.

2.      The number of returned post cards was 313 as of the 2/18/05 RJT article.

3.      The number of returned cards sent to the DA was 106 on 2/18.  Today it is 111, a change of 5 in three days.

4.      Comparison of “Same Day Registration” (SDR) to the total vote is bogus.

5.      5,629 SDR votes were cast.  The proper comparison of potentially fraudulent votes should be 5,629 to 313.

6.      Nowhere in the article dated 2/18/05 was there a verifiable explanation of the difference between 313 and 106.  Assumptions galore, no facts!

7.      The percent of potentially fraudulent SDR’s is 5.6% (313 divided by 5,629)

8.      The percent of “probable” fraudulent SDR’s is 1.9% on the 18th and 2.0% on Sunday (106 or 111 divided by 5,629).

Third, let’s not forget the “FACT” that trials have been scheduled for two New Voter Project employees for Election Fraud and Forgery.

Fourth, The impact of the entire absentee ballot issue has yet to be analyzed.  The third point should have initiated this immediately.  All I hear is the sound of crickets chirping away in the still of the night.

Fifth, I for one refuse to allow my vote to be stolen again.

When you are serious about the debate let me know, I might join in.  For some remedial investigative reporter training at the RJT, I suggest you refer those assigned to this issue to Greg Borowski of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  This is how reporting is really done.  Go back and “proof” Golub and let me know how many lines you delete for repetition and lack of fact supporting the conclusions.


And I almost forgot, we haven’t identified the felons and deceased voters yet. 

Pulled by Ron L on February 20, 2005 at 01:09 PM
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February 13, 2005
Racine (Sorry L.A.) Confidential
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

I’ve been struggling for quite a while now.   I have this particularly nasty bit of information to pass on.  I really want to protect the innocent, but where Democrats are concerned there are no innocents.  So, what the hell!  Here it goes.

Once again let’s go back to November 2, 2004 and a little further beyond.  We have a homegrown “Get-Out-The-Vote” campaign in Racine.  It is affiliated with a local non-profit organization.  This organization is on the take (oooooooopppppps gets funding) from various Local, State and Federal funding sources.  501-c-3 regulations prohibit this type of organization from supporting or actively promoting political candidates. 

Throughout the campaign it was the location of several Democrat sponsored events including a visit from John (I Love Suing) Edwards.  An event where the Racine Unified School District saw fit to trot out a number of students carrying Kerry/Edwards signs and allow them to be photographed by the National Media.  More ominously, they were a major distribution point for the Election Day cattle drive to the polls.  Armed with vans donated or paid for by businesses and candidates they had strong-armed (solicited donations from), they packed them with citizens of other cities, states, countries, under-aged delinquents, felons, drug addicts and a variety of other ne'er-do-wells.  Accompanied by two “Qualified Electors” (By Wisconsin Statute that means they were actually breathing) they were off on the round robin of poll visits.  Also in the vans were instructions on how to vote the straight Democrat ticket (courtesy of Move-On), instructions on how to request a same day registration without benefit of ID, and payment for their hard work that day.  Payment took various forms depending on the preferred affliction of the “Voter”.

So far there is nothing too new here.  This was common practice in the Democrat neighborhoods of Wisconsin.  And of course, the   Universities in Madison, Milwaukee, Racine/Kenosha, Whitewater, and La Crosse also acted as agents for the Democrat party throughout the day on November 2nd.  What is interesting about this particular organization is the method used to collect donations and where they go.  One does not have to be familiar with Wisconsin Campaign Finance Statutes to fully understand the events I am about to relay.  The fact they strong-arm candidates and businesses is distasteful, but probably not illegal.  The manner by which these “contributions” are collected is where things get messy.  These contributions are delivered not to the organization, but directly to the director in his name.  This definitely is contrary to Campaign Finance regulations.

First, the contributions by the candidate MUST be fully disclosed in amount and purpose.  For businesses, they MUST record this transaction as part of the Profit and Loss Statements submitted to the IRS.  More importantly, if this contribution is valid, the revenue and expenses generated MUST be recorded and become part of annual audited statements of the non-profit organization. 

In the case of candidate reporting, I am personally aware of an un-named candidate that had contributed to the organization for Get-Out-The-Vote support by writing checks in excess of, let’s just say, $1,000 for sake of argument.  In reality it was much more.  Even though the checks are written payable to an individual they are clearly identified in the candidate’s on-line Campaign Finance report as GOTV support.  It is likely, although I’m not 100% sure of this, that the vans were donated by a local auto dealership.  And I am also sure that none of this activity shows up on the audited statements of the organization.  Where that money goes and if it is being recorded anywhere, I cannot say for sure.  I have my suspicions, but it requires just a little more information to be sure.

One thing is certain.  At the very least this organization should lose its 501-c-3 status with the IRS for acting as a political agent for a major national party (Democrat).  Like any other issue that touches a segment of the population that is off limits to criticism, the Mayor of Racine has his head stuck so far up a particular body cavity he needs a glass navel to see.

Any representatives of the State Election Commission, Law Enforcement or the Democrat Party, for that mater, please respond to this post and I’d be glad to provide even more details.  My vote has been stolen for the last time.

Kevin Spacey, eat your heart out!!!  Back with more of “As The Mayor Turns” in a while!


Pulled by Ron L on February 13, 2005 at 06:55 PM
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February 09, 2005
Flash!!!! From Wisconsin
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Flash from Wisconsin  Milwaukee Journal  (scroll down until you see the articles)

The Legislative Committee handling the Voter ID legislation has passed it on.  The vote is currently 4 For and 2 Against.  One lefty from Milwaukee has until 5pm to cast his vote.  Maybe his guilt has gotten the best of him. NAW!!!!

The second article indicates that a review of Wisconsin voting procedures will be undertaken.  HooooRay!!!  One problem here -- no specific communities identified.  We need a full 100% review.


Pulled by Ron L on February 9, 2005 at 12:29 PM
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Racine, WI -- “The Silence of the Scams”
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

If it were summer I could link to the sound of crickets chirping away in the deep, dark, quiet of night.  Week after week, information on the November 2, 2004 election has been requested and week after week no response from the City of Racine.  Why is the City Clerk, or more likely her boss Mayor Becker, so reluctant to provide the election data to outside observers? 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continues to delve into Milwaukee’s Election Day fiasco relentlessly.  This outstanding bit of investigative reporting by Greg Borowski and the Staff is not being duplicated in the Racine Journal Times.  No surprise to those who have had to tolerate the garbage produced day after day by what is probably the worst news organization in the world.

As Mayor Becker’s stonewalling continues, time is running out on the City Clerk’s Office.  The next election, when the voting records are to be updated and produced, is one week away.  Why would a mayor be so reluctant to provide this information for independent review? 

Note: I admit that the group I work with is not bi-partisan.  We are directly or indirectly aligned with the Republican Party.  No one else has stepped forward to do this review so it is left for us to deal with.  And we will!

The question asked above about the mayor is not easy to answer.  Let me speculate.  His honor proclaims to be a Democrat.  The Democrat anthem is built around this theme – “We Want Every One to Vote”.  Sub-text  -- As many times as they can.   He subscribes to that concept fully.  As we previously reported, two Milwaukee based Democrat thugs are being tried for Election Fraud and Forgery (Thank God Racine County has a good DA).  There was reason to believe in October 2004 that Racine was the target of Move-On, ACT, New Voters Project and a particular local get-out-the-vote group to flood the system with out-of-state, out-of-country, under-aged, and felonious scofflaws.  The City Clerk, most likely under the instruction of Mayor Becker, did nothing to clean up the voter roles prior to the election.  The result, a fiasco as dirty as anything being reported from Milwaukee!

I worked one of Racine’s inner-city polling places on Election Day.  The Republican Party supplied a lawyer from New York. The Democrat Party sent two from Chicago.  Early in the day, I tried to contest a voter on lack of valid ID.  At the time there was no one there to substantiate his claim that he actually lived where he said and was who he said he was.  No one in the area would vouch for him.  So, he was offered a “Provisional Ballot”.  He refused and left yelling and swearing at anyone he passed.  A short time later!  He reappears, this time with two (sorry for the blatant insensitivity coming) fez wearing thugs.  They present him to the registration table and demand he be allowed to vote NOW.  Yes, I do mean demand.  Intimidating old ladies seems to be one of the skills required by the Democrat Party allies.  The two DNC lawyers immediately leap to their side claiming no more questions, these upstanding citizens are “Qualified Electors”.  Hence, this piece of pig dung (being from Wisconsin I don’t want to offend cows) got to vote, holding in his hand a voter instruction sheet provided by Move-On at the door of the polling place.  Oh, the instruction showed three party designations, Democrat, Republican and Independent.  A dark black line connected the Democrat designation for a party line vote.  No connection with Move-On and the Democrats, RIGHT (Thanks a lot Feingold, you socialist, ambulance chasing charlatan – McCain, you too).  And this pattern was repeated over and over and over throughout the day.

We, in Racine, must access the records and build the proof of fraud we need to prevent this from happening again.  We must have this resolved.  The only people being disenfranchised in this election system are those of us who vote legitimately. 

For those of you in the State of Washington, we feel your pain!  Stick to your guns and never, ever give up.

More on Mayor Becker coming!


Pulled by Ron L on February 9, 2005 at 08:20 AM
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Culture and current affairs from Seattle journalist and musician - and contributor to Sound Politics and Redstate - all in one very productive guy.

Michelle Malkin
Conservative goddess - does heavy lifting

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Beth has a terrific blog AND she's my favorite Bama fan. (Which for an AU guy is like we've overcome class warfare, you know?)

Nerf Coated World
Friend Matt's wisdom tech and politech

Ninme, tenme, elevenme, just don't two-time me

Pillage Idiot
Replacing the creator of worlds - do you miss Allah? Go see Attila.

Pixie Lair
I'm a Pixie. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. (It's Shell - Look what God made!) - Found her again!

The triumvirate. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Protein Wisdom
Jeff's menagerie of extreme thoughts, well said.

Scribal Terror
Gail can write! And make you do your English homework!

Sissy Willis
'Wiley' Willis cats and thoughts.

Sondra K
Like Special K - only better

Sound Politics
Shark and friends dig out the unsound

Tapscott's Copy Desk
Mark Tapscott, Director of The Heritage Foundation's Center for Media and Public Policy. Solid good read all the time. Moved to Examiner now...

The incomparable Ace of Spades HQ
The truth in spades!

The Jawa Report
Dr. Rusty and pals. Find original fisking and research here.

The Mighty Beldar
Crusty trial lawyer, bemused observer of politics & internet dilettante from Houston, Texas

the pragmatic chef™
Scott is a connoisseur of food and life! He really knows what seared means...

The Radio Equalizer -Brian Maloney
Could Brian be the next conservative heavy lifter? My money's on him.

The Truth Laid Bear
TTLB Ecosystem host and esteemed pundit.

Timothy Goddard
Brilliant analysis - plus Red State WA!

Great conservative commentary and about some kind of Weblog awards or something like that

Fellow traveler McGehee's musings