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February 02, 2005
Bob La Follette - Progressive my Butt
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Wisconsin politics, clean as the driven snow?  Dirty as Lake Michigan after the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District releases millions of gallons of untreated water in to the lake?  Pick one - the answer is Dirty!!!!  Why?  One word – Make that two words, Democrat Party!  Dirt is the legacy of the Wisconsin Democrat Party Machine.  Their answer to everything, “we inherited the problem and it is not our fault.”  Only problem is, they inherited it from themselves.

The Wisconsin Election Commission (Yes, we actually have one) has passed a new ruling regarding Campaign Finance.  The ruling states, no candidate for Office in the state can use funds collected while in Federal Office.  For example, a Congressman who announced an intention to run for, let’s say, the Governor of Wisconsin.  Why do we need such a ruling at this point?  Well, just so happens that Mark Green (R-Green Bay and an outstanding young candidate) has announced his candidacy for the Governor of Wisconsin.  He has available to him $1.3 million from his fund raising efforts while in congress.  This rule would prohibit his use of these funds for the Govenoritorial Campaign.  I can hear the Democrats whining, “its unfair that he has too much money.”

In the mean time, ole Governor Jim (Cue ball) Doyle is out raking in mass quantities of Campaign Cash from the loyal Dems of Wisconsin.  The Ho Chunk tribe (who refuses to pay their obligation to the State for the privilege of operating gambling institutions), the teacher’s unions (who don’t want anything but more money, less work and more benefits from their wholly-owned insurance company), and the ever-popular Ambulance Chasers of America (that means lawyers for all you Dem morons) lead the way.  No matter that the State Supreme Court ordered the agreements ole Cue Ball negotiated with the Ho Chunks rescinded. All other tribes continue to pay based on previous agreements, not the Ho Chunk.  What has the Governor done to resolve this?  Nothing!!!!!!  Why?  The Ho Chunks are his biggest single contributor.  And I might add, his future employers.  And Wisconsin’s $88 million deficit can be related in part to the Ho Chunks.  What has this to do with the new rule?  He is only getting his money in the State?  It is Mark Green that is being unfair.

Well, let’s go back a year.  John Norquist had vacated the Mayoral job in Milwaukee due to scandal.  His appointed successor, Marvin Pratt, was busy buying his son knives and other appropriate tire-slashing gear to get ready for the coming National Election.  At the same time, Congressman Tom Barrett (D – Milwaukee) declared his candidacy for Mayor of Milwaukee.  A large source of his campaign fund was?  His leftover Congressional Campaign Fund (not sure of the exact amount but he was in Congress longer than Mark Green).  No problem for the State Election Commission then.  Hypocrisy thy sting is sharp! 

Tomorrow, a public meeting is being held on the proposed legislation to require Voter ID’s.  The usual suspects will be there to claim any such legislation is a disenfranchisement of the poor, downtrodden, minorities and of course those who by some medical malady are forced to vote multiple times in each election (Kinda like Kleptomania Ya Know).  To paraphrase Ricardo Pimentel, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Opinion Page Editor, let’s not proceed rashly on this.  Just because the election is a mess and it is our reporter documenting the horrors that existed on Election Day there is no reason to try and stop it.  How can we get more illegals involved if they have to prove they are citizens?   Ricardo ……….. Hmmmmmm!  Are you thinking what I am?

Drink Beer and Eat Cheese – See you soon,


Pulled by Ron L on February 2, 2005 at 12:16 PM
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January 27, 2005
The Saga of Cheeseland Continues
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Democrat resistance to investigating Vote Fraud in Milwaukee has backed off (Journal Sentinel Article).  Notice I didn’t say succumbed.  They are buying time to come up with a new tactic.  The governor, and mayors of Milwaukee and Racine are trying to create a new reason for objecting to Voter ID. 

Well, just heard Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee come up with the most incomprehensible, unbelievable, reasoning on this topic I have ever heard.  Sit down folks you are not going to believe this.

This is his reasoning.  He happened to be at an inner city high school in Milwaukee giving a presentation for some reason.  Afterwards, a teacher approached him and said, “Mayor can you see to it that we have driver’s education classes here?”  Instantly, he was able to relate this horrible problem with Voter ID’s.

His logic.  Students at North Division can’t get their drivers licenses from a driver’s education program therefore, when they turn 18 they won’t be able to vote.  Fact - You can go to any Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Center and get an official Wisconsin ID (regardless of age) for $4 and about a ½ hour wait.  In all the proposed Voter ID legislation, of course, they will be issued free.  The rich, white Republican kids can do this, but it is so hard for the inner city kids (we know what that means).  If I said what he really meant I’d be called a racist.

What makes this even more amusing is this little known fact.  Barrett’s Milwaukee Library requires photo ID’s to check out a book.  Now let’s try and figure out why it is ok for the City of Milwaukee to ask for a photo ID at the Public Library, but not for voting.  Using the same logic of the mayor, I guess Mayor Barrett and the Dems don’t care if inner city students can’t read, but they need to vote.  How can they vote if they can’t read?

Well, on Election Day I saw a Move-on butt head handing out small copies of the top three lines of the ballot.  It showed Democrat, Republican, and Independent vote for party categories.  The black line was connected to the Democrat option.  Creative little (naughty bit eliminated by author)!

Oh gosh, I forgot to mention this little tidbit.  All city of Milwaukee middle and high schools already issue student photo ID’s.  Not to mention the metal detectors they must traverse daily.  That’s assuming they actually show up for school more than on opening day. 

Mayor Barrett it is time to grab your ears, give a yank and pull your head out of an orifice I won’t mention here.


Pulled by Ron L on January 27, 2005 at 10:38 AM
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January 25, 2005
On Wisconsin - I'm Not Referring to the Badgers vs. Illinois
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

A very small, well-hidden article in the Racine Journal Times that popped this morning is a much bigger story than it appears.  The gist of the story is to announce the trial dates for two individuals from Milwaukee who were charged with Fraud.  Just what type of Fraud you ask?  VOTE FRAUD, I answer.

One of the accused, Jones, was a Democrat candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly.  He lost!  I guess he should have spent a little more time back in Milwaukee paying off students and registering vagrants.  A Democrat losing in Milwaukee is unbelievable.  Well, actually he lost to a goofier far left loony.

Mr. Blakely is charged not only with Vote Fraud but, with Forgery.  He was applying his creative spirit and making names up on his voter registration lists.  It seems “The New Voter Project” (the RJT can’t even get the title of the organization they worked for correct – what a rag) was paying by the head for registration.  It’s no wonder Wisconsin’s unemployment number fell precipitously in October of 04.

How can this happen?  Our City Clerk saw fit to swear these gentlemen in as "Authorized" Registrars.  The registrars are responsible for verifying the ID of each individual.  After that, the voter names they collect and submit are automatically added to the registered voter roles without further review.  This is the only time according to Wisconsin law that an ID is required.  The names are on the voter list and can no longer be challenged.

Most of the talk from Wisconsin, so far, has been about "Same Day" voters.  I submit that an equal amount of illegitimacy is present in the current voter roles.

The truth of what is going on here is yet to be brought to the surface.  Needless to say, what Capt’n Ed says at Captain’s Quarters is right on target.  “There is more than cheese smelling up Wisconsin.”

Working on a complicated issue and I hope to be back with it soon.  Got to protect the names of the innocent and all that stuff.


Pulled by Ron L on January 25, 2005 at 01:04 PM
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January 22, 2005
Audio on breaking Wisconsin vote fraud news
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Ron sent along this link (audio will require an MP3 audio player - credits: Kevin from Brainpost for the audio capture, Web-nuts for the link reference) to an audio stream of Milwaukee area conservative radio host Mark Belling with the astonishing news that the 'unknown' voters in Milwaukee was much greater than previously thought because there were more than 8,000 more ballots than voters in the Milwaukee area. (If you have performance problems with the audio link above - I have put this up on my file site here).

We Washington devotees to our gubernatorial fiasco nod vigorously as we hear this news because we know that these very issues are at the center of the damage to our democracy. What next Wisconsin? Did felons without restored rights vote? Did the dead walk on November 2nd? Did those serving our country not receive their ballots on a timely basis? Soon, with your dedication to the truth, you will discover these things as well.

Would it be unreasonable to assume that these problems exist in every state? And that the key reason that they have been discovered in Washington and Wisconsin is simply because the races were so close? Isn't it time to raise the clarion call to reform our elections process nationally to prevent this from ever happening again?

UPDATE: John aka Dirty Harry at Stranded on Blue Islands sent this link to his Madison Wisconsin post where Kerry took 75% of the vote in the city of Madison. That makes three counties so far - Milwaukee, Racine, and Dane - where at least the same day registration issue produced significant fraud.

Pulled by Emcee on January 22, 2005 at 03:58 PM
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It's 4th and 26 Again!
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

First, let’s get this on the table.  I could be accurately described as a conservative geezer.  One issue, of late, has been troubling me more than any other.  That is people trying to steal my vote.  Every legitimate vote should count.  It should not be counted two, three or four times.  In the Democrat controlled Municipalities of our country election day is chaos.  Have you noticed that all accusations of vote fraud are in Democrat controlled election centers?  Coincidence, I think not.

Wisconsin election corruption has finally been exposed.  We used to sit smugly by and look south to Chicago and Illinois and harrumph.  On Election Day, I had the privilege of working the polls at a spot in the inner city of Racine.  Because of a little hitch in Wisconsin law called “Valid Elector” virtually no voter contest can be upheld.  All you have to do is have one of these “Valid Electors” vouch for any number of people who have no identification and no proof of residence and like magic they are voters.  In my district alone I estimate over one hundred such cases.  Many of them listed the same apartment complex as their residence.

A polling of District Attorneys, City and County Clerks in Wisconsin yielded some interesting results.  Virtually no one is following the statues that exist for same day registration.  So much for any credibility in Wisconsin vote tallies.  There are no controls in place for same day registration and Move-On, ACT, New Voter Project (Interesting side note – This organization’s Milwaukee Director was convicted of election fraud in Madison), and various local GOTV projects know this all too well.  One might ask this question, how many students, vagrants, out of state guests, and felons voted not just once but more often on November 2.  We will never know since no public official in this state seems to be interested in honest elections.

Today’s update:

The latest article from Greg Borkowski of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel names the names of Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett’s task force looking in to election issues.  Let it be said that I am not a fan of the Journal.  It, like virtually all Wisconsin Papers, could be mistaken for Pravda on any given day.  Greg’s work, however, has been outstanding.

The nine-member task force is made up of, surprise, surprise City of Milwaukee employees.  Of course, City of Milwaukee employees are completely bi-partisan.  I can attest to that.  They are either left-wing Democrats or far left-extremist Democrats.

That’s bad right?  Well, the first witness heard by the committee was Lisa Artison, Election Commissioner and task force member.  Did I say that?  Yes, I did.  Her major contribution was reminiscent of Sergeant Shultz’s famous line, “I don’t know nothing” and she read a dictionary definition of the word “estimate”.  I am NOT kidding!  I guess the difference between 8,300 and 83,000 is blamed on Webster.  Well folks, this is what we are facing in Wisconsin.  Move over Washington and Ohio we’re #1.


Pulled by Ron L on January 22, 2005 at 09:12 AM
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January 21, 2005
More from Cheeseland
Filed in: Current Affairs, Politics, WA Governor's Race, Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Ron sent along new links from the Wisconsin press this morning.

In the article from the Journal Times Racine officials are actually bowing to public and GOP pressure to meet their obligations under Wisconsin law to mail out the same day provisional 'fraud test' post cards. Note the comment from Racine City Clerk Moskanos:

Moskonas said it will take time to complete a 2004 voter database before she can mail the postcards.

Uh, and how is it that you could certify an election with an incomplete 2004 voter database? To borrow a Shark phrase: Close enough for government work is not good enough for election integrity.

From mailings (or attempted mailings - in Milwaukee - over 10,000 follow up post cards could not be completed because "the cards may be illegible, missing certain required information or duplicates of ones that had been filled out earlier.") done across the state, there appear to be enough returned post cards to have potentially made a difference in the outcome of the presidential election.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there is a rendition of one of the key issues that we've been facing in Washington state: More ballots than voters. Officials claim that this is due to the same day provisional ballot situation and that registrations just can't get entered in the database in time. It's just as unacceptable wherever it happens.

Milwaukee has also appointed a task force to look into problems and procedures with the election. The main problem with it is that election officials are on the task force.

That's like putting a gaggle of cats in charge of the cheese production. 11,000 little sips of milk won't matter too much, will it?

Pulled by Emcee on January 21, 2005 at 09:50 AM
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